Chapter 6

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you know anyone who says 'nothing is impossible' has obviously never tried to stab jello to a tree.

hush yourself darling.

Yours in demigodishness and all that,
Peace out.


Thor POV

I thundered to the hall of Asgard, wearing full body armor and my red cape. I arrived at my father's throne, and looked at him in the eye.

"Lord Odin, you require my presence?" I said, bowing down at my father's feet.

"Ah, yes, Thor. There is something we need to talk about. If you have not heard, Loki is in the Asgardian prison. He is not the threat to Earth this time, I have heard. Clearly your friends are mistaken." Lord Odin said, straightening in his throne.

"Loki? But he was presumed to be gathering forces to create an army, father. He was sighted on Earth a few weeks ago-"

"Thor, if you must go see Loki for yourself, you may do so. The enemy on earth is no longer my concern anymore." Lord Odin made it clear that I was dismissed.

I sighed and tightened hold around my hammer, and walked out of the throne room to the Asgardian prison.

I opened the bronze gates, and walked in and saw a clear holding cell with a figure inside. I gazed at my brother's poisonous green eyes, and he grinned mockingly. He wore a green cape, with golden armor with a helmet.

"Brother, what beings you here?" Loki said with a chilling smile.

"Who's the enemy on earth?" I said, not breaking eye contact.

"Tell me this, Thor, why is it, all the time earth has a threat, you always assume it is me?" Loki drawled, examining his fingernails.

"Give me one good reason not to." I growled, and started walking towards the stairs.

"Because I'm your brother." Loki said, which made me hesitate for a split second, but I kept on walking. I went to Earth and warned the others.

Fury POV

I sighed in frustration. I couldn't believe it... A seventeen year old, no less, defeated The Avengers like they were nothing. I set the file down on the table, and the Avengers walked in, all banged up.

"Tell me, how on earth did a seventeen year old manage to defeat the avengers?" I had to refrain myself from shouting.

"Well-" Tony started.

"Director Fury, we must talk." Thor suddenly barged inside the door, sitting down in his spot next to me.

"Thor, you are interrupting something-"

"It's very urgent, I must speak now." Thor said. I frowned, and gestured him to continue.

"The threat to earth, it is not Loki. He is in Asgard, locked up in one of the prisons. I assure you, I have even checked myself." His news surprised all of us.

"Wow, that's a first!" Tony said, and Thor frowned slightly.

"If it's not Loki, then who is it?" I questioned, hoping to find the answer.

"I-don't know." Thor stated.

"Okay, in the meanwhile, Perseus Jackson has failed to be detained." I growled as Thor chuckled.

"I told you, good luck getting your hands on him."

I ignored him, and spoke. "We need him on the Avengers. He has shown great battle skills, and he can help us defeat the enemy. Thor, if you please, can you bring him to here?"

He hesitated. "I will."

"You're dismissed." I said. "Thor, get ready."

Percy POV

I was taking languid steps to my apartment, when I heard thunder up ahead. Did someone do something to Zeus to make him mad? I thought and chuckled.

I then hears something whir above me, like a helicopter descending. I gazed up, and a saw this big guy with a metal looking hammer. He had bulging muscles that looked like camel humps on each arm. He wore a red flowing cape, and decorated armor covered his body. He had blonde hair up to his shoulders.

"Great," I muttered, "another god to piss."

"Perseus Jackson, I come in peace." He boomed, and lightning lit up in the sky.

"If you want to kill me, I think you need to wait in line." I retorted, and saw his eyes fill with... Pity? "Nice hammer by the way. Who'd you steal that from, Bob the Builder?"

His eyebrows scrunched together as a brief flicker of confusion crossed his face. It was quickly dismissed. "It is very urgent, if you must-"

"Just... Stay away from me, bro." I said, venom lacing my words. My eyes flashed dangerously. I was sick of people thinking I was like a wounded animal, scarred and defenseless.

"Do not worry, I won't hurt you."

Those words triggered something in my mind, the words... Tartarus... had said when he captured me. Oh no... I thought. My memories were pulling me back... And I couldn't do anything to prevent it. I fell to the ground, and let the flashbacks take me.

Thor POV

Perseus fell to the ground, turning a sickly pale. Worried, I scooped him up into my arms and headed towards the Stark Tower, flying up in the air with my hammer.

Perseus started jerking in my arms and his eyes were tightly shut closed. His jaw seemed to be clenched, and he whimpered again. I landed at the Stark Tower, and rushed to the infirmary and laid him down. He was twitching slightly, and beds of sweat was forming on his forehead.

I checked his pulse, and it was beating erratically.

The door to the infirmary opened, and the Avengers and Director Fury ran in.

"Good job, dude! Hope you did some serious damage." Tony barked, but when he glanced at Perseus, his eyebrows scrunched together. "I was joking, you know."

"Did you hit him with lightning bolts or something?" Clint asked.

"Thor, what did you do to him?" Fury asked, steeling his gaze upon me.

"I did not do anything, Director. I said that I wouldn't harm him, and then he just fell to the ground. I assume it was a memory, or a flashback, but I am not sure." I said.

"I guess we'll just wait until he wakes." Director Fury said.


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