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Jason was performing at the fair so they were able to walk around before the show. The went to the information desk to find out how to go about the meet and greet they were told to follow a security officer and that she show them where to go and also get Mr. Aldean and Mr. Gilbert. The girls waited for what seemed like forever and the next thang they know there stood two handsome cowboys standing right in front of them. Hope was nervous but decided instead of standing there to say something before it got any more awkward. "Hello, Mr. Aldean." she said "Please, call me Jason." He said in that sexy Georgia Accent. Hope was lost for words as soon as he spoke and she looked at Holly to see that she was not lost for words as her and Brantley were laughing away. "I'm sorry, I'm so nervous but I'm a really big fan." Hope said. "Well little lady no need to be nervous I'm just your normal country boy." Jason said. Hope smiled at him and he shot back that sexy little grin that all the girls go crazy over. she looked to notice that Holly and Brantley already headed to enjoy the fair before the show. "I've been following you since I first heard 'Hicktown' and I fell in love with your voice, I've been in the Aldean Army for a while now as well." Hope said. "Well, little lady I would love to talk to you more and get to know you more before the show and maybe see you after the show tonight." Jason said. I felt a smile come across my face because he had a nickname for me and that he also wanted to see me more after the show. "Jason that sounds amazing, I would love to spend more time with you." she said "Great, I'll be right back." he said walking over to his band. I stood there thinking how better could this night be unless Jason said he wanted to see me more after tonight. next thing I know Jason is standing next to me. I looked at him and smiled and he smiled that little grin back at me. "So Jason, so far this day has turned out great." she said "Well, little lady I'm happy to hear that. " Jason said. "I see you gave me a nickname." she said "Yep, Hope you don't mind?" Jason said. "Nope, not at all." I said. We started walkin around the fair Jason wore a pair of sunglasses and a hat I've never seen to keep from all the girls going crazy over him and not far behind was his security for if something was to get started. Jason had recently got the final on his divorce so he was a free man. He has two beautiful girls who his ex wife has them more since he is on tour. "So why don't you tell me a little about yourself." Jason said. "Ok, well I've been divorced for about 2 years now and in 2012 I lost my dad." I said. "I'm sorry about your loss." Jason said looking at me. "Thanks." I said. "no problem so what happened with your marriage?" Jason asked "Well I found out he was cheating on me and he started getting abusive." I said. "Wow, a pretty little lady like you deserves a man who wouldn't put his hands on you or hurt you." Jason said I smiled at the sound of him saying that. "Thanks." I said. we continued walking just as we ran into someone I could have avoided my ex Brandon and his girlfriend Caitlin. "Oh look baby who it is." she said. "Yea I see the little hoe." He said. I looked right at them. "Don't you have something better to do then to find ways to make my life a living hell?" I said. "oh she can talk." his girlfriend said. "yea I can and I'd like it better if you guys would leave me alone so I can enjoy the fair." I said. "lets go Caitlin." Brandon said. "Let me say this if you guys mess with her again you will be kicked out of here for good." Jason said as he looked at me. I smiled to the fact he was sticking up for me not knowing me all that well. "Who the hell you think you are?" Brandon said. "I'm a friend that is sticking up for this amazing woman who doesn't deserve to have you all up in her business." Jason said. "I could beat your ass in a heart beat." Brandon said. "dude, talk the shit you want and have a good day." Jason said. "What a pussy." Brandon said. "He is more of a man then you will ever be." I said. "Just then Jason's security walked up. "Jason is everything ok?" one of them asked. "Just someone trying to start stuff is all." Jason said. "Well if I was you two I'd walk away before we throw you out." the other one said. "Who are you? the people who fights his battles for him?" Brandon said. "Nope, we are his security." they said. Neither one said another word and walked away. "Hun, who was that?" Jason asked. "My ex husband and his girlfriend, and I'm sorry about that, and thanks for sticking up for me." I said. "Well first no need for you to say you are sorry it wasn't your fault, and no thanks needed because when I see a man doing something like that to a woman I'm not going to stand around and take it cuz that's what a true man does and real friends stick up for each other." Jason said. "That is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for me." I said. I looked at him and smile and he smiled back. I gave Jason a hug and he hugged me back to my surprise. next thing I know Jason leans down and kisses me. "I'm sorry about that." Jason said. "It's ok." I said. Trying to rap my head around this whole day. "Would you like to go out with me sometime?" Jason asked. "I would love too." I said. "Would you like to find something to eat?" Jason asked. "I would love too." I said we walked around And as we were walking Jason's hand brushed up against mine a smile rose across my face. we stopped at the pizza court and ordered Jason was a gentleman and bought me food and also food for himself. They laugh and ate and laugh some more. when they finished eating then decided to try a couple games before heading to the bus. Jason was really lucky at the games he won Hope a dolphin and couple other stuffed animals. After the games Jason and Hope walked to the grandstands. "See you after the show." Jason said "yep see you then." Hope said smiling.

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