Preference #18 - Telling the boys you're pregnant

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#18 - Telling the boys you’re pregnant: 

Harry: “Hi Ni, thanks for inviting us.” You spoke as you walked into Nialls’ house; he had invited the boys and their partners round for dinner. “No problem (Y/N), it’s nice to see you how’s work?” You and Niall continued chatting as you walked into his house; as you walked into the kitchen you and harry were the last to arrive. “Louis brought Vodka so tonight we’re all getting smashed” Zayn said as he passed you a shot glass filled with the sprit you would usually down, but considering you’re pregnant you cant. You and Harry exchange looks silently cursing and trying to make up an excuse. “Come on (Y/N) your usually the first drink up…” Louis laughs as he takes what seems like his 4th shot since you’ve been here. He winces but continues “…It’s not like you’re pregnant is it” Everyone laughs around you but you and harry stand there with wide grins on your faces, it slowly dawns on everyone. “Oh my god you are, congratulations” Sophia shouts, all the boys start shouting and jumping on Harry, then one by one hugging you after the girls congratulated you. The rest of the night was spent eating, laughing and talking about the baby. Of course the boys were arguing over who was going to be the God parent and best uncle.

Louis: Since the boys were formed back in 2010 they would always celebrate Louis birthday and Christmas a few days after Christmas and this year it was yours and Louis turn to host the day. You and Louis were the first couple out of the boys to be having a baby so you and Louis decided to give all the boys a ‘How to Be a Good Uncle’ book as their Christmas presents, along with other bits and pieces. After dinner and all the clearing up was down everyone was sitting in the living room ready to exchange gifts, Liam was the first to hand out his presents followed by Zayn, Harry and Niall, leaving you and Louis to go last. You and Lou both exchanged looks mainly excited but still a few nerves. “One, two, and three…. Open” Niall was the first to open his, still like a child, “Guys I already know how to be a good uncle, look at Theo” After this all everyone was congratulating you both saying how the new baby would be so loved and how excited they were.

Niall: It was your 10 week scan at the doctors and to say Niall was excited was an understatement; all he had been talking about for the last few days was this scan and how he couldn’t wait until he could start telling people. You, on the other hand, were excited but more nervous, what if something went wrong, what if the baby wasn’t healthy, what would your parents say because you weren’t married but you pushed all you worries aside as soon as you saw you little ‘peanut’, as the nurse called it,  on the screen and everything was perfectly fine. On your way home Niall couldn’t contain his excitement for any longer and headed straight to the studio they had hired to record their latest album. Without even exchanging pleasantries he shouted “(Y/N) is pregnant, I’m gonna be a dad” This shocked the boys at first, not because they weren’t happy, just a little taken back by Nialls’ outburst. Once they had realised he was being serious they all congratulated you and you all went out to dinner after.

Liam: After finding out you were pregnant Liam hadn’t let you lift a finger, apparently even making a cup of tea was too much hassle. At first you loved this side of Liam and having an excuse not to do anything but now it was getting on your nerves, even they boys started to notice after he wouldn’t let you wear heels to a meal out. “Liam, (Y/N) what’s going on? First he wouldn’t let you make a cup of tea earlier, and then helped you stand up and now you can’t wear your heels? Are you sick?” Louis questioned all the other boys’ nodding in agreement. “Well I’m not sick…” you started feeling all eyes on you “A few weeks ago Liam and I found out some exciting news and now Li is kinda being protective” You stopped there to see if anyone had caught on and it seemed Harry had “You’re pregnant, I knew it Zayn pay up” Harry shouted whilst giving you and Liam a bone crushing hug, Zayn groaned annoyed at Harry then congratulated both you and Liam. It turns out they had noticed and Harry was they only one to guess right leaving him £20 richer and Zayn annoyed but happy for you both.

Zayn: “Morning babe” Zayn said whist eating toast sat at the breakfast table, this was the followed by the other members of one direction who were dotted around the kitchen. You made yourself something to eat and sat on Zany’s lap, luckily you hadn’t had morning sickness this morning. After everyone finished eating you started to clear up, Liam offering to do the drying as you wiped. He opened to draw which contained tea towels but also your latest baby scan. He pulled the picture out looking between you and Zayn with the brightest smile on his face. You confirmed what he had found and told the other boys who were just as happy and Liam was when he found out. Then, all of the boys started telling you to sit down and not move a muscle, bring you tea and letting you choose what to watch on the TV… you could defiantly get used to this.

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