Chapter 11

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"No! No! No! Hiyori couldn't have forgotten!" Yato panicked. I rolled my eyes at his childish way. "Believe it honey, she has" I mumbled.


"Come on Hiyori! You have to remember something!" I yelled at her. She flinched and looked at Yuki.
"Are these your friends, Yukine?" She questioned. I frowned. She must only remember him, this is defiantly Nora's doing. I won't say it yet though.

Yukine scowled at her. "Yeah, and they're your friends to. Well, not so sure about my sister but there you go."

Stop flashback a little~

Yukine was rubbing out so of the work of did what Hiyori set him. "It's like she forgot you guys but not me. Probably a little amnesia, it'll come back" Yuki stared at us.


He guided her across the street, I just stood beside Hiyori. "I only came here to give you your books" Hiyori whispered. I nodded.

"We know, just humour him a little" Yuki and I said simultaneously. She looked between us and finally we were on the other side of the road.

"If you look to your left you'll see the famous and legendary street, where Yato God and a girl save Milord" he grinned.

"Huh?" They got excited. "A lord passed through here. I never knew this was such a historical street."

"Baka" I teased Yato. Their emotional boost was drained and they were bummed out. "I don't think she remembers" Yuki stated awkwardly.

"Which lord was it, Mr Yato?" She questioned innocently with a smile. Yato snapped the sick in his hands out of frustration.

"'Mr'? It's 'Yato'! You used to call me 'Yato' with out the 'Mr'!" He fumed.

She tilted her head a bit. "But it would be rude saying it right off the bat."

He got really pissed off and grabbed her bag, pulled out a book- "hey! Not my notebook again!" -And started to doodle in it. He showed her the full result of what he drew.

"You see! Milord!" Yato screamed.

"Oh!" They got hopeful again, idiots. "Your a really good artist Mr. Yato!"

"This isn't what I'm trying to show you, Ms. Hiyori!" He anime cried.

"Oh! That's right! Milord is a cats name!" She called out. I rolled my eyes. Now here comes the big question.

"Yeah! Do you remember me now?" Yato asked desperately.

"Uh...a manga artist?" I could almost see Yato's stomach drop. "Um, I need to get going."

She walked over to Yukine gingerly. "Maybe we can hold your lesson another time. All the homework is in here until then" she smiled.

Yuki grabbed the bag give to him. "Okay, yeah."
"I'll see you soon."

Yato's face was marked with horror. "Hiyori!" He yelled running and caught her arm.

"Do you really not remember me?" He questioned. She didn't answer, she just stood in shock and stumbled back a bit. "In that case."

He leaned over to her ear and whispered, "get in bed with me. We can start from when we were AT THE HOSPITAL!" He screamed as she hollered, "pervert!" I rolled my eyes once again.

"Geez, get a grip of yourself Hiyori" I mumbled. "Dirty minded girl. Get your head out of the gutters."

He was thrown in a bush behind me. I couldn't help but laugh a bit.

End of Flashbacks~

Yato growled frustratedly. He spent ages drawing. My guess, he's making a picture book.

"It'll defiantly make her remember!" Yato screamed with determinacy.

I wrapped my arms around him from behind. "I want to help as well but you need to rest Yato" I whispered in his ear. But he refused. I sighed and got up.


"All right! Now I can make the perfect picture show!" He exclaimed. He was in his cat mode.

"I wonder how it happened in the first place" Yuki mumbled.

Yato and I suddenly came to a sudden halt.

"What is it?" Yuki asked.

Nora was standing right in front of us. "I should have known you were somehow a part of this, Nora."

"I took her memories of you" she smiled a bit, "poor Yato. Remember your true self."

"Rekki" I heard. I turned to see where it came from. Glared at who I saw. Rabo.

"Yo" I called, he looked down at me, "didn't I say come back and fight me when your strong enough?"


Hey everyone! Sorry for the long wait. I made up for the short chapter I did last time. You guys really weren't happy about that. I lost hearts. Speaking of hearts, I found out yesterday that I have a heart condition and I've had it for ages, like since I was 6. I've got palpitations. My heart rate nearly went into the 200's, already clear that it was in the danger zone from when it hit a hundred. She kept resetting the machine and it kept going into the danger zone. Then it suddenly just dropped to about 95. It was still really high for a child under 16. That could have been a heart attack.


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