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Ryans POV

Ronnie just said she was dumb. Ok, I am not going to over react. I just think that he is a jerk for that. I clenched my fist and punched the dash board. Diamond looked worried.

"You ok?" She asked me, eyes kind of sparkling.

"Yeah." I stuttered "I-I am good."

She smiled kind of, "  I love you ok?"

I beamed. " I love you to"

We walked onto the bus hand in hand thinking everyone was asleep. Well, we were wrong. Ronnie was sitting in the couch, monster in hand, looking more aggravated than ever.

"Uhm, whats, going, on, Ryan?" Ronnie asked.

"Oh, Hey Ronnie!" Diamond said in a happy tone " Me and Ryan are a thing now!"

"What!" Ronnie growled, causing Jacky and Derek to walk in the room. " I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM HIM DIAMOND!"

"Ronnie I love him. So much!"

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