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I pulled out my Cigaret pulled it to my lips and lit it taking a puff "god Juliet you're smoking really?" I smirked "hey I can smoke if I want to Hanna here take a drag and relax" she grabbed it and took one long ass drag.

I watched a new guy show up at school damn he's cute "Hey Hanna looks like we have a new guy to know" we both smirked I walked up to him with my cigaret between my fingers.

" so I'm Juliet and this is Hanna now who might you be?" He looked at me then Hanna then back at me then my cigaret he took it and took a drag "Jake".

"well Jake it's nice to meet you and if you went here you would know I'm not that very nice" I said as I grabbed my cigaret back he just smirked "and if you knew me you would know I'm not very nice either. Juliet" Oh my when he said my name it just sounded so sexy. He licked his lips took my cigaret out of my mouth took one long drag and walked away.

I walked inside the hell building and if you didn't know what I meant then ill tell you, High school. I walked to my locker with Hanna walking by my side people getting out of our ways "Hey Juliet" I looked over and a smirking Hanna "Yes?" She pointed at the queen snob who wasn't moving out of my way "Hey slut move" I said I looked around and saw a crowd even Jake was there.

"Why should I?" She said with the most annoying voice ever "well one reason I won't beat your ass" she still didn't move she was standing there smirking "okay you asked for it" I dropped my bag and grabbed her by her hair smashing her face into a locker, she moaned in pain and fell to the ground, I got on my leg and smirked and punched her in the jaw "next time when I say move you move"

I got up grabbed my bag and walked with Hanna to my locker "Wow Juliet" I looked at Hanna "what?" I said a little annoyed "that was fucking awesome. Barley hit her and she's leaving with a broken nose and bruised jaw, plus i got it all on video" we both smirked.

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