Falling For You

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Tara's POV

I walked out of the bathroom and saw Justin was asleep in front of the door. I giggled a little and jumped over him. I walked down the stairs and made myself some food. I saw Justin's phone on the table and went over to it. He had 3 missed calls 7 texts and 2 voice mails. I decide to read the text. I opened his phone and his password is TARA and I stared to read. 

From: Austin M

Hey Justin! I want to know if I could get Tara's number. She is such a cutie. Thanks.

From: Jai Brook

Saw a picture of your little Tara she looks older then what she is. Number?

From: Jai W


From: MOM

Hey Justin baby, how is Tara doing with the move? I'll be over soon. 

From: Scooter

How is Tara? She is a cutie, can she sing? TEXT ME!

From: Selena

I need you to hangout with me I need to sell my new album soon. 

From: Dad


That was it. 

I really wanted to give Austin my number. So I texted him my number so he would text me sometime. 

Less then 20 minutes later I got a text. 

'Hey cutie!"

I knew it was Austin

To: Austin

What's up?

From Austin


To Austin:


From: Austin

Wanna hangout?

To: Austin 


From: Austin

Be there in 20!"

I gasped and went and got ready.

I took a shower then  curled it. I then go cute pick short shorts on and pick supra and a white V neck shirt. I then heard the door bell ring. I ran down the hall but then stoped when I saw Justin wasn't there anymore. I ran down the stairs and saw Austin and my Justin talking.

A: "Hey!" Austin said with a smile.

T: "Hi!" I said shyly

Justin turned around and smiled. I gave him a little smile back. 

A: "Ready to go?"

T: "Yeah."

J: Don't be out to long, Grandma is coming over."

T: "Alright!"

J: "And Tara?"

T: "Yeah?" I said turning around.

J: "I love you and be careful."

T: "I love you and don't worry I will." 

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