Chapter:2 The day

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I woke up from a Dream that night, every thing was so real my dad outside the sector it was so real. there must be a reason why for the rule of 17, there must be something out there I don't know what but I need to find out.

After the ceremony, I will have to chose, my father was up to something when I was 8. out side of the wall something that got him killed never to be found, I will figure it out but that's what the sector councils are afraid for me to find out. who was truly my father what was he hiding what's going on...


Today's the day my life will change,

I wake up to my alam jump at out of bed take a quick shower. I put my black tank top my leather jacket, black military like pants military boots I straiten my hair put some mascara on, then I put on my dad's necklace it's a white stone shaped like a arrow point with a black line going down the middle on both sides, it's the last thing I have of him . All I can think of is today's the day my dad would have been proud.

I walk out side of my house I see my mom and brother standing there and my brothers girl friend ugh way to ruin that moment Eric.

"Sara come give your mom and brother a hug before you leave" my mom said I could see the puffiness in her eyes that she was crying.

"Yes mom" I quickly stroll up and give her a tight squeeze hug she need all the support she could get after my dad died.

"Your going to do great your father would have been so proud you look just like him, I wish he was here to see this remember he's always with you keep that necklace safe."

"I know mom and I'll be safe I am my fathers daughter."

"I know your that's what I'm afraid of and that's what scares me." She gives me another quick hug and a hug from my brother and I'm on my way to the ceremony it's at crater trench.

I arrive and who do I see waving at me yelling like maniacs, Tori and Mike my to crazy best friend I run over to them where they picked our seats.

"Hey you excited?" they ask at the same time.

I ponder over that, it's like I'm anxious but nervous or something. you know that gut feeling you have before Getting something you want? Mines worse I have mixed emotions. It took me while to realized I spaced out because then I heard Tori "Hello! earth to Sara are you PMSing?"

"Oh my gosh hell no!!!" I punched her in the arm.

"Hey I was just kidding! gosh be so mean." she giggles

"I just ya I'm exited." she doesn't need to know my feelings so I put up a fake smile.

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