the burn of jc:chapter 7

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               chapter 7:

                      "Nick!Nick!"I screamed.Nick moaned and screamed.

             "Take it out, fast, so we can get it over with quickly."

                "No, we need to get you to a doctor.FAST."

                I had to do it, I dont care if my brace is on, I have to carry him, the hospital is 3 blocks mom has a medical kit from when she used to work at the hospital.

               I ran in and set him on the coffee table not even caring when the glass broke when I pushed everything off.

               The cabinet.I ran to it and got the supplies out.when I got to nick I opened the contents:1.a gallon of blood. (eww) for blood to connect to his arm.3.oxygen tank and tube with noze and mouth cover.4.a bag of saline and tube.5.numerous towels, gaws, and cloths.6.anti-bacterial cleaning supplement.

           "ok nick, stay with me."I hands sweating and shaking

            I got the oxygen and put the tube to the nose and mouth cover and put it on his the gallon of blood and tube into his arm and hung the blood sack on a hanger.same with the saline.I did ut without aaying anything.I pulled out the knife.I blocked out the screams and moans.

               Now the cleaning.towels out and anti-bacterial was put on the towel and on nick right after.I pressed it on him for 3 minutes and took it off.still blood, but now that much.I just squirted a lot of anti-bacterial stuff into the wound, it really seemed to help.I got the cloths and left it on there.

                 nick fell asleep so I went to the woods to go get my bow and arrow, but I couldnt find it.


                      i sat down for a minute.I looked at my phone and it was mom must have got a lot of things at the grocery and ran a few more arrons,she probly wont be back til 1.

                   I was still thinking of where my bow and arrow was.

                   I got up and started to walk out of the edge of the woods.

                  "Going somewhere?"

                 I spun around and saw jc, my bow and arrow pointed at my own her.

                 "And the bitch returns."



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