Angie | Tf!|
I held my face looking at the person who punched me. Tf!

         “don't touch her again!" I blinked twice. I looked away from the person confused then looked back at her making sure I wasn't dreaming. I done gave this girl a chance. She turned her back against us when we told her the truth. now she wanna throw blows to my face. I chuckled.

“Jasenia move"

          “no...don't touch her again" she rolled her eyes and sat down.I stood there holding my cheek, I smiled evily lawd please save her tonight!

           “ is there a problem?" she asked. I hadn't realized that I said that out loud.

“girl dont start with me."

           “bxtch shut up. that's why Ray didn't want ya bum ass. I shoulda never spoke or hung out with y'all bum asses. shiet. I could've turned out ugly myself."


                                         I SAW RED
I grabbed her by her hair pulled her down the steps and outside to where other cars were parked.

            “bxtch let go of me!" Jasenia yelled as I pulled her in one of the dark areas. Lord forgive me.

after pulling ranae and trinity of it cooled down. I just didn't see Angie. She probably went to go cool down. then Destiny came upstairs. Fxck
                   “what the hell happen?" Destiny asked

“Destiny on my behalf, my sister's behalf and my cousin and friend's behalf I apologize because-"

                           “bxtch shut up with that behalf sh!t." Cindy yelled. I ignored her.

“what happened here should have never happened" I said.

                   “ alright it's okay. I'll be back" she said

“okay" I watched as she walked down the stairs.

             “bae you alright?" Chresanto said coming over to sit next to me.


             “......bae you didn't have to fight"
I snapped my head in his direction.


              “it wasn't your problem. it was between aisha and Cindy"

“and I care?" he sucked his teeth

               “ but here's the thing tho...did you have any problem with Cindy?"


                “ what problem did you have?"

“.....yo Chresanto shut up please"

                 “ nah because if Cindy wanna press charges, she can!"

“Let her press charges then! Damn!"

                  “ all of y'all are wrong for wtf y'all did. I'm dead ass right now. if it was between aisha and Cindy then don't get involved!"

“ the same way your bullsh!t is my bulls!t their bulls!t is mine!"

                  “so they're your husband now?!" he yelled I ignored him.          “iight put them before me then!"

“ain't nobody putting nobody before anybody!" I yelled looking at him

                  “ well it seem like it! you got a fxcking daughter at home that looks up to you as a role model on how to act like a fxcking woman!"

“shut up. don't bring my daughter in this" I said lowly taking a sip of my drink.

                   “yo let's go I ain't got time for you right now" he said pulling me. we walked outside.

         “getttt....the!" I heard someone say struggling when we walked to our car. we ignored it.
Angie |Tobago|
I slung Jasenia on the ground, and next thing I know I'm choking her.

          “getttt....the!" she said gasping for air.
I smacked her then got up, she got up and at this point we started fighting. I slung her on the ground and that was it.

            “bxtch ass" she said getting up. I walked away.

next day

so we all -including Ray and Cindy- decided to go out and talk about what happened last night *sigh*.

                     “so um we're all here to talk about what happened last night." chresanto said. Angie walked in with light blue skinny jeans, white shirt, pink blazer, pink pumps, her pink bag, and her sunglasses.

           “hii" she said not smiling and taking a seat Next to Ranae.

                       “your late."


                        “anyways, so we gon address this starting off with me." chres took a deep breath.

Angie wasn't sitting on the chair like the rest of us. her back was faced towards us her arm was on the table and she wasn't looking at us.She still had her sunglasses on.


                         “you caused the most ruckus in that party."

                “and." She said looking around. like she was waiting for someone.

“Angie what's wrong."

                  “nothing." She shrugged

                                   “first of all how did this whole thing happen?" Destiny asked


                                            “so we had seen Cindy right. so now we wanna be nice, so we told aisha to go say hi to Cindy now idk what was said when aisha went and said hi, but they had an argument" dayna said


“they had a fight and we...jumped in."

                            “why Tf y'all jump in for? Angie I lost all respect for you!" chres said

                      “and I give fxck?" She said lowly

                             “yo shut up."
Angie turned her head towards us and took of her glasses..........




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