Chapter 3

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no one answered I knocked a little bit harder this time and then I saw the door slightly open I was looking down and I started to trail my way up when I saw the guy was wearing shorts and no shirt I got to say he has a beautiful body I saw some tatoos they looked familiar but I dont know from who when I looked up to the face I saw the one and only Justin Bieber, I almost flipped but I didn't have time to because he rapidly but gently pulled me in the room. Um! Hey Laura, he said, I stayed there frozen and speechless but anyways I didn't like him, I was only so freaked out because he was a  celebrity and he met 1D before, I snapped back to reality when he went and sat on the couch and I was still standing, so Laura, I know I am Justin Bieber but I want you to treat me like any other friend you have I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms don't worry about that I am not even a fan I said smiling, he grabbed my waist and pulled me super close to him, well I am going to make you one he said, I untangled  myself from his arms and stood up yeah it not going to be that easy I said, still smiling and thinking about what happened with me and Rubin I can't ever trust a boy again he smiled and said well want to watch a movie, whatever I said well what movie do you want to watch ummm the notebook kk he said. I went to the couch and sat there while he put the CD in the DVD player and went to turn off the lights then he sat down on the couch hey sweetheart take off your shoes I took them off but ayy the whole entire time this boy keeps on staring at me I just ignored it and focused on the movie.


it was already half way through the movie, I was getting a little bit chilly cause Justin had the air conditioner on and it was really cold outside and they said in the news this morning that there might be a snowstorm coming today, I loked at Justin and asked him hey Justin... he imediatley turned all his attention on me sorry to bother you bu- he interupted me Laura never say that you never bother me your voice is so soothing and you are like an angel now keep on going I blushed a little thanx but i was just trying to ask if i can borrow a blanket? He immediately got up and took a furry blanket and put it on me, thank you I said no problem come here so you can get warmer he said holding out his arm I didn't mind if i cuddled up with Justin I went and cuddled up next to him all of the sudden my eyes started getting baggy and I fell into a deep sleep.

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