Chapter 1

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"Sa-m! St-op!" Ariella said in between laughs. Her and Sam were on his couch and he decided it would be fun to start tickling her.

"But babe, it's fun" Sam smiled at her. Ariella rolled her eyes at him, She always rolls her eyes at him.

"You know, if you roll your eyes enough they could fall out of their sockets"

Ariella rolled her eyes again and got up and went into his kitchen and opened the fridge. When she was grabbing a water bottle, Sam's arms wrap around her, she smiled obviously knowing who it was. She turned around to finally face him and Sam smiled brightly at her. Sam had never smiled as big as he did with Ariella, he loved her and she loved him.

"You have beautiful eyes babe" Sam said to Ariella.

"But they're just boring brown, nothing special"

"but they are special, they're your eyes"

Ariella let out a little giggle at Sam's remark on her eyes and looked down to hide the blush on her face. Sam put a finger on her chin and lifted her head up to have their eyes meet. He stared at Ariella for a good long minute, then put his hands on her hips and leaned in to kiss her. Ariella wrapped we arms around Sam's neck and pulled him closer to her. That's what she liked about her and Sam's relationship, they were close.

After what seemed like forever, Ariella grabbed her water bottle and went into Sam's living room. Sam came in a few minutes after getting his own drink to see Ariella on the floor looking through the movies Sam owned. She picked out five for them to watch together.

"So I guess were watching movies all day?"

Ariella nodded with a smile and grabbed Sam's hand and pulled him to the couch with her. Sam grabbed the remote and pressed the power button and skipped through the previews to get to the movie. About half way through the movie Sam noticed Ariella fell asleep on him. He decided bed watch the rest of the movie since he had gotten into it. The movie shortly ended and Sam tried carrying Ariella to his bed. He almost fell a few times but saved himself because he didn't want to wake her up.

Ariella shifted once Sam lied her carefully on the bed and he was about to leave his room again when he heard her soft voice speak.

"Lay with me please?"

"Of course" Sam smiled.

He walked back over to the bed and moved Ariella slightly so he could lift up the blanket and pulled Ariella under with him. She made her way closer to Sam and he put his arms around her. He kissed the top of her head which made her snuggle into him more, it was like she couldn't get any closer to him.

After the first 6 months of Ariella and Sam being together, Sam had noticed Ariella would fall asleep fast. So he knew Ariella was asleep already, they've been laying in Sam's bed for about half an hour now. So while Ariella was asleep, Sam took the time to take in her features. He started at the bottom of where he could see, her waist. He noticed her slight curves and how she was skinny, but didn't like showing it off to come across slutty. Her collar bones stuck out slightly as well. He made his way to look at her face features.

He looked at her lips first, Sam knew they were soft, I mean, they kiss. Then he took in the features of how much younger she looked when she was sleeping. Sam always loved the way her hair looked, the perfect shade of dark brown, almost black. It looked good with her tan skin, not too tan, but tan. Sam smiled to himself, pleased with having his definition of perfect.

Sam tried getting out of his bed, not wanting to wake Ariella. After ten minutes he was finally out of his bed. Sam walked to the shower across the hall and got in. When he was out he dried off and went downstairs to get something to eat for him and he'd bring something up for Ariella if she woke up and got hungry. He walked back up to his room and put Ariella's food on the bedside table and went over to where he was sitting previously and just scrolled through twitter on his phone.

He noticed that there was some drama going on over twitter and didn't want to get into it so he put his phone down and tried to get some sleep.


Idk if I liked this and it's not edited but I'll read it over another day and fix it up, and the drama will probably roll in, after a few more flashback chapters.

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