Jack, Jack, and I

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I stood outside the Thomas Edison elementary school for the first time. The bulding menaced over all the little kids. Me, like most first graders, cluched tightly to my mom's hand, refusing to let go. Once the bell rang, my mom gave me a peck on the cheek, my dad pat me slightlon the back, and I slowly approached my classroom. 

All the little first graders lined up against the wall, staring uncomfortably at one another. Our teacher walked in. She was tall, probably in her early thirties. "Hi everybody!" she said cheerfully," My name is Ms. Caylorson, but you can call me Ms. C."

"Hi, Ms. C." we echoed.

"Okay kids, this will be a very exciting year. We will be going on a lot of field trips and we will be learning how to read big boy and big girl books. Now, let me give you your seating charts. Jack Gilinsky, you will be sitting here," she said pointing to the first row."Jack Johnson, you  sit to the right of him, and Jordyn Karr, sit on the left." 

I walked over to where Jack Gilinsky was sitting and sat down on the left. Jack Johnson sat on the right. "Wait," I said, "are you guys wearing the same shirt?"

They both looked down at their matching Sesame Street t-shirts. "Yea, we are." Jack J giggled.

"And our names are both Jack." Jack G said. 

"Quiet down, children." Ms. C warned.

"Quiet down children." I imitated in a high itched voice.

We laughed as I tucked my shirt into my skirt. Even though boys have cooties, Jacks didn't seem pretty bad.  

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