Being Watched- Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Libbys POV

A soft breeze sweeps over me as I wake from my short sleep, I sit up and stretch my arms. Most of the bruises are gone and the rest are faint, my stomach is slightly more destended than I remember but I guess the baby has to grow. My phone rings from my jeans pocket on the floor and I slowly walk over and pull it out, without looking to see who it is I just answer.


"uh yeah Libby are you coming in today?" A familiar voice says

"coming where for what?"

"work, its past 10 am" my manager Connor says

"oh um I'm going to be like an hour is that okay?"

"yeah sure, I can tell youve just woke up by your voice" He laughs

"yeah well I'll see you in a bit then"

"yeah, bye" He hangs up and I yawn walking into the kitchen.

I am shocked as I walk into someones arm, my eyes travel up the body only to find the familliar mop of chesnut curls hanging over Harrys face. His tall frame lays messily across the sofa and as usual his hair moves along with his breathing, many reasons as to why he slept on the sofa fill my mind but id rather push them to the back of it right now.

I open the fridge and my eyes scan across the many food and drinks but I decide to make a smoothie instead. I struggle to get the blender from the top of the cupboard, being on my tip toes wasnt enough. I pull a chair up and stand on it but I can only just reach the blender, I place it down on the side and stand down from the chair then place it back at the table. I begin gathering different fruits before shutting the kitchen door not wanting to wake Harry with the sound. Once all the fruit is blended properly I pour the smoothie into a glass and pop my head into the living to check on Harry who is still sleeping, I check the time and I have 25 minutes to get ready and go.

I walk into the bedroom and make something of my face and hair before changing into my black skinny jeans and pink work top which is luckily too big so you can barely see my newly forming baby bump, I slip on my all black vans and go into the kitchen, I place my glass into the dishwasher before grabbing a bread pretzel from the bread bin then I quickly write a note.

*Harry youre probably wondering where I am by now, Im in work and before you think of it- no do not come pick me up im fine and well enough to work. I will be home around six and will call you on my break, I love you,  and for Tyler, STOP SMOKING! Libby x*

I place it on the kitchen counter before putting everything I need in my bag and leaving I look around for my car and remember its at the band house, shit Im gonna have to take Harrys car. I walk over to his car and unlock it, I dont even know why I have a key to his car but it comes in handy. I drive away after putting my seatbelt on and head towards the mall, I finally find somewhere to park and walk towards HMV. Ive always hated this job but I have to get money for university one way or another, its not cheap to gather qualifications to be a therapist. I sigh and walk inside I mean its not too bad working in a CD and DVD shop because I get 50% off everything, I put my bag in my locker after taking my phone out and putting it in my bag pocket. I shut the locker door and put the key in my pocket then walk out onto the shop floor.

"hey Libby" Connor says walking over to me

"hey, how are you?"

"tired as hell haha what about you?" He smiles while giving me a few CD's to put on the rack next to me

"ugh Ive been feeling rough the past couple of days but im fine now"

"good, hows uh Harry?" Connor mumbles and looks at the floor while I sort out the CD's

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