Shes back?!?

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Julias POV

I wake up to the sound of voices I dont recongize, I look to see whos voices they are, and there was 4 guys standing there looking happy has they could be.

I didnt recongize them, who are they?

Then one of the guys hugged me he had long black hair that was to his shoulders and he looked chubbier than the rest of them.

I of course didnt hug back because I didnt recongize him, but then the guys noticed that I didnt recongize him or anyone and there happy smiles of joy faded.

Then one with long brown hair with a bandana in it and a denim jacket with the sleeves cut off said

Derek, dude I dont think she remembers any of us.

He let go of the suffocating embrace of me and looked at me and realized that I didnt recongize him at all... his smile of joy faded also.

A guy with a white coat, I am guessing he was the doctor finally came and told the guys that I had amnesia.

I have amnesia? That would explain alot.

He also said that he ran some tests and it seems like it will be permament, and that I cant remember anything that happened in the past year.

The guys seemed even more disappointed now.

Then I heard them ask if they could sign me out, and the doctor said that they could.

All the guys introduced themselves and told me each something about them to maybe jog my memory but I got nothing.

I didnt recongize any of them.

I followed the guys all out the vehicle, it waas really nice for a Jeep.

I got in the middle seat in the back between Derek and Ron? I think.

Then the guy with the Bandana started the car.

Hey, um Jacky?

Yes he said

Oh making sure I get your name right.

Most likely I will call you Bandana man because you are wearing a bandana, I laugh.

Thats fine I love bandanas, he says while smiling

I kinda figured that.

So, where are we going?

We are going to go see Ronnie, a friend of ours, Ryan said

Oh, I said, do I know him?

Yes, actually you know him really well, we are going to go see him in Jail. After Ryan said that he said that he then just shut his mouth and pretended like he never said anything.

I then asked well why is he in Jail?

Everyone got quiet noone would answer my question and I knew it must of been something they didnt want to tell me.

So I shutup and started looking at the window, but I still wonder what he did and why they wouldnt tell me.

They had to tell me sooner or later.

The rest of the ride there was very um... quiet noone said a single word.

I felt like I should say something but I just didnt know what to say.

Ronnies POV

Its been a week and Julia still hasnt woke up.

I am extermely worried about her, and Jacky has been visiting me everyday updating me on how she is.

Yesterday he said that she still breathing and they are trying to figured out why she is still so unconscious.

They said that it seems like she isnt responding to anything that she is just laying there, like she is dead but she is still breathing and her heartbeat is normal.

Jacky is suppose to come and visit me again today to update me on how she is.

Just then I hear the guard say,

Mr. Radke, you have vistors

I then got up from the uncomfortable cell bed and followed the guard, I saw the guys all standing there, then I saw a girl with gorgeous brown hair that flowed all the way down to her lower back, it was... Julia.

My heart skipped a beat because I knew that Julia was alive and healthy.

This made me the happiest guy in the world.

I walked up to her and she seemed not as enthustatic to see me as I was her.

My smiled went away almost instantly, my heart dropped.

Then Jacky said

Ronnie, she has Amnesia. She doesnt remember any of us, she doesn't remembers anything that happened in the past year.

Hearing that made my heart sink more.

I looked up at her and she looked at me and said

I'm sorry I dont remember you, I only know your name and thats just because one of the guys told me.

Its ok I said

Well tell me about yourself since I really dont know you, she said

Well, I am Ronnie Radke, I am your boyfriend... I am in the band with the guys Falling In Reverse, I am the lead singer.

Oh, I kinda felt like there was something between us but I didnt know.. and thats cool.

Then I heard the guard say

Ronnie, your time is up

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