Dahvie and I were watching tv like we usually did in the afternoons when we were ultimately bored but this time was different..

Dahvie had a watermelon blowpop..

I gawked at it, planning to steal this beauty.

"Uhm Jayy? Are you okay?" Dahvie laughed, taking the blowpop out of his mouth.

"No.." I stated, still focused on the watermelon blowpop.

Dahvie then realized that I was gawking awkwardly at the blowpop and laughed, "nononono." He smirked.

"Please.." I said, getting down on my knees and putting on my best puppy dog face.

"NOPE!" Dahvie teased, popping the 'p'.

"Fine I guess I'll have to.." I ran over behind Dahvie and took the blowpop from out of his hand. "Heheh." I said psychotically.

"Jayy, give me that right now." Dahvie commanded.

"No." I said, running away from him and sticking the blowpop into my mouth.

"Mr. Monroe." Dahvie said, shaking his head, "I think I need to punish you."

I frowned, Dahvies punishments were TERRIBLE, like no kisses or sleeping together, they were so hard to live with.

"No sex for a week." Dahvie stated, smirking, as my eyes widened.

"NO! NO! NO! NO!" I yelled, stomping my feet.

"PLEASE DAHVIE! I'LL BE GOOD!" I whined, sounding like a complete slut. Okay maybe I was acting like a slut, but can you blame me? Dahvie made me feel amazing and his co-

"I don't know Jayy.." Dahvie smirked again, interrupting my thoughts.

"Please Dahvie.. I'll do anything.."

I whined again, getting on my knees and pleading.

"Wow Mr. Monroe, I didn't know of how much you loved my dick." Dahvie laughed.

"I love it.." I whined, lightly kissing Dahvie dick from the fabric of his pants.

"Look Dahvs, I just need to feel you inside of me, Kay? It's just.. I like it.. And it just feels so magical with you.. And just.. I don't even know I just.. Ugh. Its just I like sex a lot.. Especially with you.. Okay? Yes? Good. I mean, I would do anything for you, and I wouldn't trade you for the world but just, YOU CAN'T BAN OUR SEX, WHEN YOURE A SEX GOD!" I rambled awkwardly.

"We'll what should I ban then?" Dahvie asked.

"No blowpops for a week?" I said, stumbling on my words, I loved blowpops so much, but I liked Dahvies mhm better.

Dahvie was suprised but nodded, "Okay Mr. Monroe."

I then smiled and rammed into Dahvies arms, hugging him, "Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" I said rapidly.

"Well, what are we going to do now?" Dahvie asked me.

"Well you could fuck me hard.." I smirked, trailing into his fantasies.

"Maybe later.. Lets go party." Dahvie smiled.

"Go get the speakers ready."


I walked to the kitchen as Jayy walked started to walk up the stairs. I grabbed all the Jack Daniels we could find and cuddled them in my arms, then running upstairs and laying the alcohol on the counter. Jayy already had the stereos blasting, and was moving his hips to the beat, and being the little tease he was, he was dancing around in nothing but tight short shorts.

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