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Yn P.O.V.

I am now 9 months and I am so ready to pop! this boy is so abusive last night I hardly got any sleep because he was up all night kicking.

I got up out the bed Craig was sleeping so peacefully I was attempted to hit him but nah I can't run as fast as I used to so I just got up went to the bathroom and did my morning routine. after I was finished I walked in Ari's room she was up watching the bubble guppies as I walked in she looked up at me

" good morning mommy"  she said sitting up on her head board

" good morning baby"  I said sitting on her bed " you hungry? " I asked stroking her hair she nodded we got up and went downstairs to the kitchen

" I want cereal! " she exclaimed I got the cereal our bowls and poured her cereal in the bowl I heard my phone ringing I just let it ring because there was no way I was gonna make it up all those stairs in time for me to answer it, it had stopped ringing so I guess the person hung up or Craig answered it. I started pouring cereal in my bowl

" BABE!! " Craig yelled making me spill the cereal all over the counter

" mommy you made a mess"  Ari said pointing to the cereal everywhere

" I know baby it was daddy's fault"  I said cleaning up the cereal he ran into the kitchen like a chicken with his head

" What is wrong with you calli- " he cut me off

" GET DRESSED! " he screamed

" Bri just went into labor"  he said trying to calm

" okay that's all you had to say acting like a damn fool"  I said cleaning up the mess

" Ari go put on some sweats and a t shirt and grab some shoes and make sure they match"  I handed Craig the cloth

" you finish cleaning this up"  I walked around him and went up staire grabbed a maxi dress and some flip flops I just put my hair in a pony tail Craig came upstairs and got dressed the had on some drop crotch sweats on a white t shirt and some Jordan' s I went in Ari' s room to check on her she had put on a dress also and sandals

" I thought I told you to put on some sweatpants " not that it was anything wrong with her outfit

" you did mommy I just wanted to wear a dress"  she said strapping on her shoes Craig walked in the room

" y'all ready"  he asked I nodded and we were off as I was getting in the car my phone had rung again it was Nay

" hello? "

" hay you on the way? "

" yeah we should be there in like 10 mins"

" alright" 

we're at the hospital as soon as I got off the phone

" What did you do transport us here"  I said with a chuckle

" nah I just know a short cut " we got out the car and I rushed in I took my phone out my bag and called Nay after three rings she answered

" hello" 

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