Hi guys so I just was thinking that I am not going to be writing anymore of this story for awhile. If I get the inspiration I might write a chapter but nothing has come to me in a long while. I haven't updated in forever and I don't think that's fair to you guys. I don't have the inspiration. You know that saying.. Where there's a will there's a way? Well I don't have the will so I don't have the way.. Its depressing I know. I would like to finish it and continue it but if I were you I wouldn't expect anymore updates in a long while. I might start a new story but won't put any chapters up until the book is complete. I wont take this story down but I wont be updating it. If I do get inspiration and can finish the book the chapters won't be posted until I get all the chapters written down. So if you guys do get an update that means I've finished the book. So sorry about this guys but its just not working.

Thank you so much for understanding <3


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