8 - My Hero

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"Waverly, turn slightly to the left." Finn directed. I did as he said. "Run your left hand through your hair." I did as he said again. "Smile."

"Teeth or no teeth?" I asked, not budging from my position.

He paused to think a moment. "Teeth." So I smiled with teeth. He smiled in approval. "Perfect."

About an hour later the shoot was over. Leighton, Beverly, Jack, Finn, and I went for lunch afterwards. We all sat at a table and ate yummy Taco Bell.

"So there's a scary amusement park in Brighton Marcus, Alfie, and Zoe are going to tonight and they've invited all of us along. Who's in?" Finn said after his phone had buzzed and he checked it.

"Marcus, Zoe, and Alfie as in Marcus Butler, Zoella, and PointlessBlog?" I asked.

"That would be them." Jack answered. He turned to his brother next to him. "I'm in."

"I'm in." I said excitedly.

"I'm in too!" Beverly and Leighton said together.

"Okay. I will let them know we will all be going." Finn started typing on his phone.

"What time will we be going?" I asked as I took a sip of my Mountain Dew. For mid-October in England, today was actually pretty nice. There was a light breeze, only slightly on the colder side, and the sky was bright blue and occupied with the whitest of clouds. Due to the quite lovely weather, I wore high-waisted shorts, pink Toms, the navy tee Jack gave me, a black cardigan, and a gray slouchy-beanie.

"Marcus says they'll pick us all up at five. We'll have dinner in Brighton and go to the thing. That sound good?" Finn asks me, Leighton, and Beverly because he knows we take a while to get ready.

"That give us...two hours?" I asked. I was unaware of the exact time.

"An hour and a half." Beverly corrected, making annoying slurping noises with her cup as she tried to suck up the last of her Baja Blast.

"Okay, an hour and a half and a half hours." I muttered as I calculated how long it would take me to look decent. "Yeah, that works for me. Ladies?" I looked at Beverly at the edge of our table. I then looked at Leighton next to me.

"I won't take long. I'm pretty much ready." Leighton says, gesturing to her dark denim skinny jeans, floral Doc Martens, pink crop top, gray oversized cardigan outfit.

"Same." Beverly says in agreement. And since I described mine and Leighton's outfits, I might as well describe Beverly. Beverly was wearing chevron-print jeggings, a baggy gray t-shirt, gray uggs, and a Superman snapback.

"Great. How about we go to our place for a little bit?" I asked.

"We could just have them pick us all up there." Jack suggested. We all stood up and took our trash to the trash bins.

"Would they know how to get there?" Leighton asked as we all started walking back out to Finn's car. Who needs a car when we have twin drivers that seem willing to drive you anywhere?

"They've been to my place plenty of times before. Surely they wouldn't have trouble finding your apartment." Beverly chuckled. Finn climbed in the driver's seat and Beverly and Jack played rock, paper, scissors for passenger; Beverly won. Which means I was sitting next to Jack. How unfortunate...

Finn drove back to our apartment while we all talked about the photoshoot today. My first ever photoshoot.

"I think it went well, right?" I asked.

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