chapter 1

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Arianna pov

??:get up*shakes me * get up!!

I rolled over to see my roommate niyah staring at me. she know I'm not going to get up that easily.

Niyah:come on ari we go to get ready

I opened my eyes to see niyah In her YSL tank top and her Levi shorts I swear my best friend be looking good

Me:whudddddd I'm up I'm up

Niyah:we'll go get dressed then you know my Dahmir coming to get us

Now niyah boyfriend was best friends with tre and I plan for him to be with niyah boyfriend.

Me:is tre gon be there

Niyah:yeah now get up!

After I heard them words I got up and dashed to the bathroom and got dressed. I put on my pink crop top with my black shorts and my black sandals

Niyah:they outside!!

I ran down stairs to see treyvon on the chair

Tre:oh my wow.....

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