Chapter 8: Meeting New People...

Mom was sitting in the living room with two other persons. I was right. There was a girl of my age. She was an inch smaller than me and was wearing sneakers and shorts and a black shirt. She had wonderful green wings with completely matched her long blond hair. She had well-built muscles which could clearly show that she is in some kind of combat sports. However, one thing that completely caught my eyes was that her shirt was completely fitted around her wings. It almost seemed like her shirt was a part of her body. I would need to ask her where she buys her clothing from. However, the lady was not as old as I thought. She was of the same age as mom the only difference was that mom had as black hair as mine. The lady had blond hair which was darker than the girl’s. She was wearing a knee length black ‘haute-couture’ skirt and a red embroidered shirt. She also had red high heel shoes and also had green wings, just like the girl… I wonder if they are related!

“Good morning sweetheart, it’s good you came. I was going to call you. This is Esmeralda and her daughter Melissa and this is my daughter Emma…” said mom. Both Esmeralda and Melissa were smiling at me. This explains why they look so alike.

“Hello! It’s nice to meet you both.” I didn’t exactly know what to say. It was the first time I was meeting people with wings.

“Merry meet, Princess Emma. It’s an honour to meet you. Last time I saw you were a new born and we had to bring you to the human world. I guess your mother already talked to you about what happened to moonlight. The king and the queen have been deprived of their powers when the traitor took over it. But here you are to save everybody. But don’t worry, you are not alone. There are all the guards who are going to help to get your rights.” Esmeralda told me. She looked kind of sad while talking about Moonlight.

“Yes thank you. Even if I get help, how am I going to save Moonlight? I’m only a sixteen year old teenager!” I didn’t really understand why everybody was relying on me.

“This is the reason why I’m here Princess. My daughter is going to train you physically for the coming war. You are going to learn about using a sword and you will learn to call the royal sword. Mel will explain you everything about it and I will teach you how to wake your inner powers. The prophecy said that Royal siblings will be gifted with special and powerful powers from the Moon God and you, my child are the only sibling from the Royal couple.”

“That means that I also have powers! But what kind of powers and where is moonlight even found? Where can I find dad? And how is it even called? And where are the other people of Moonlight? And…” I was very confused but also very happy. If I had powers, it meant that they was still hope and everything was going to be fine..

“Wow! Calm down Princess.. One question at a time. We surely need to be quick but not that fast. You will be told everything gradually and once you learn everything and are ready to brace your future, you will be an ‘Enlightened’.” Melissa told me everything so calmly. I was already beginning to love her.

“Okay, I’m sorry...  but how do you know when you become an ‘Enlightened’? I wondered.

“Ah! Your wings will start changing... Just like mine.” Mel showed me her wings and started flapping them a bit. This was when I noticed that her wings were in pairs and slightly bigger. It was beautiful.

“And when will we start training? I’m so impatient.” I was nearly jumping like a five year old waiting to be gifted candy.

“Whenever you’re ready princess. I’ll teach you anytime. And you will be able to ask me any question you have.” Melissa said smiling, and seeming very excited to teach me.

“Can we start now?” I asked, eager to start my training to become an ‘Enlightened’.

“Of course,  Princess.”  Melissa said while bowing, jokingly. “After you..”


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