Chapter 8

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I followed the principle to her office and sat down,

" Linda, will you please get Camille a towel" she said to the secretary

" you girls are in serious trouble." She said as she sat down

" she started it!" Shouted Camille

" that's not true, she confronted me" I objected

" it's true miss Higgins" said Linsey

" enough. You will each get your chance to explain. Camille, you first." Said miss Higgins

" I just went over to them to say to Tatjana that I saw her play at a one direction concert and that I thought she was good and then she smashed her food in my face for no reason. I tried to get away but she grabbed me and did some trick on me and actually really hurt me. When it told her to let me go, she threatened me, she said that I would benefit from ever talking to her again" she said as she started to cry.

" would that be accurate, Tatjana?" Miss Higgins asked

" no! Well, some of it, but she left out a bunch of stuff and lied about others. May I tell you what really happened?" I said

" proceed" she said

I explained everything to her and afterwards she asked Marcus, Jordan, Luke and Jill to confirm everything I said. She got a few more witnesses and decided to let me off with a warning and Camille got suspended for two days for fowl language and lying.

After school, the boys came to pick us up. They clearly didn't think it through because there was no room for me and Linsey.

" you guys are really stupid, you know that?" Said Linsey

" why?" Asked Niall

" are you serious? You all came to pick us up. There are so many things wrong with that, 1st what if someone sees you and 2nd, where are Tats and I meant to sit?" She said as I just laughed to myself

" ooh hh, sorry. We were just really excited" said Harry

" for...?" I said

" we thought we could go to the movies together" said Liam

" sounds good to me" I said

" yeah, but where are we going to sit?" Asked Linsey

" I don't know where your going to sit, but I'm sitting on anyone in the back, who has the comfiest lap?" I asked

" well, I'm a lady and I'm not sitting on anyone" said Linsey

" well, I'm driving" said Louis

" fine I'll get in the back on Niall and you can sit in front" said Liam

" great problem solved, let's go" said Harry

So Linsey was sitting next to Louis in front and Liam was sitting on Niall in the back and I was sitting on Zayn and Harry was sitting next to him playing with my hair. On the way ther, I examined Zayns head, the spot where I hit him was looking a lot better,

" when do the stitches come out?" I asked

" soon, I don't think it will leave a scar"

" I'm really sorry,again" I said as I ran my fingers over it

" it's fine, don't worry about it" he said.We got to the mall and went to the movies, we bought our ticket, popcorn, slushi and all our sweets.

" what movie are we watching again?" Asked Zayn

" I forgot what it's called, all I know is that it is meant to be scary"said Liam

We were the only ones there. After waiting for it to start, a lady came in to apologies, their equipment wasn't working and all the other movies had already started.

" that sucks, let go to the arcade next door" suggested Louis

" we can't it's closed, but we can go home and watch a movie" said Zayn.

We all agreed and left, we watched a movie which Linsey and I fell asleep in near the end. At about eleven, Harry carried Linsey up to bed and Louis carried me to my room. I woke up at about two thirty and remembered that Linsey and I still had homework to do, I woke her up and we did our homework until four and fell asleep at the table.

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