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He quickly dialed 911. He knew something was up when he saw that weird looking guy carrying Lyann. Not to mention he killed that poor old lady before taking both bodies into the apartment. He hoped to whatever higher power there was that Lyann was just unconscious and not dead. His father would be very displeased and it would ruin everything!

The operator answered and he explained what was going on. “You should probably get an ambulance. That woman is dead but there still may be hope for my friend.” He said coolly and the man on the other line agreed with him. He hung up after giving the location and answering a few more questions on who he was and how he knew Lyann.

“Fuck” he breathed under his breath as he waited and watched inside the apartment from his car. He was going to come check on Lyann like he did every other day and it was no surprise she wasn’t there. He knew she was hanging out with that killer, but who was he to judge. He was just as cold hearted and murderous. He would have laughed to himself but he was too nervous about Lyann’s safety. He was growing impatient but he knew he should stay out of it after he had called the cops.

He jumped when the door slammed open after what felt like hours. He watched the killer emerge with blood. Something was glowing from inside the dark apartment but the viewer didn’t make a move. Jeff looked his way and they’re eyes met. They stared for a long while before the killer took off into the woods.

The one that had been watching cursed and jumped out of the car, grabbing the gun that was in the passenger seat. He ran into the door and stopped in his tracks when he was met with bursting flames that licked in the small place. He covered his mouth with his jacket sleeve and ran inside, ignoring the body of the old woman that was clearly dead. He found Lyann on her bed, her limbs on fire but it hadn’t completely consumed her yet.

“Lyann!” He called for her and pulled her from the fire. He felt the sting of the flames as they grabbed his pants but he ignored the pain. The fire alarm finally went off for the building, ringing in his ears and giving him a horrible headache. The girl he now held looked so dead but he prayed she wasn’t.  “The damn idiot. He’s going to ruin everything!” He cursed and rushed out of the burning room.

He dropped her onto the asphalt when they were outside and safe. He started to roll her to get the fire out. He still pushed through the pain of the fire that was on his legs. There were other residents gathered around them, some screaming from the sight. The fire department and an ambulance pulled up along with the cops and assisted the savior in getting his own fire out.

They didn’t waste any time getting the scorched body on a stretcher and helping the young man into the same ambulance. “Is she alive?! Please tell me she’s alive!” He looked to the paramedics as one pushed his fingers against her neck to feel for a pulse. “Please be alive” He muttered as the paramedic looked at him.

 To be continued...

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