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#TW threatening to squish grubbies

you kept your eyes on the ground as you watch your two grubbies. gamzee was still a teeny tiny thing whereas kurloz was almost ready to pupate.

you sip your coffee slowly and watch them, not noticing your matesprit sneaking up behind you. he wraps a strong arm around your waist and you look up at him, your eyes shining softly. "hello" you say

"hey lil mama" he growled. the two grubs crawl over to the two of you, nuzzling their daddy's ankles. "you know she's the only motherfucking reason I didn't squish you two" he said. they immediately looked up at you, little purple tears welling in their eyes. "m-mommy" kurloz squeaked. gamzee just started crying with tiny little honks thrown in when he had the breath for them.

you kneel down and pick them up, holding them close. "shhh hush hush sweeties" she said. "my little ringmasters. daddy loves you shhh" the highblood looks at you, surprised. "you are so motherfuckin odd"

you look at him. "say you are sorry" you say, holding up the adorable wrigglers. he rolls his eyes. "I cannot moterfuckin believe this" he grumbled before stepping closer. "I am up and sorry little shits" kurloz nots as gamzee narrows his tiny grub eyes at his father.


the highblood stares at him for a moment before he howls with laughter. "that's right little man" he said, giving you a suggestive look.

((mwahahaha lil gamzee made a pun Xo)

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