During the PREGENT.

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Starr pov

Wow it's only been a few weeks ago. Now Dean is not talking to me for some reason. I don't know what I did to him.

Starr: Dean why r u not talking to me.

Dean:Really Ur PREGENT. why did Roman And Seth needed to tell me and u didn't.

STARR: I thought u didn't want a kid with me.

Dean: Why would I not want a kid with u. I just can't believe I'm a father of my first child. I love u so much that I forget to tell u sometimes.

STARR: Ok Dean the father of my kid. I love u too.let's go to the doctors.

Dean: Ok babe. but just promise me one thing that I can name the baby.

Starr: ok Dean u can name our baby.

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