Chapter 3

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**Harry's POV**

"Never again." I heard Zali's voice from inside of the bus. "Never, ever, ever again." I turned around and watched her slowly walk out towards us. "Alcohol and I are never, ever, ever getting back together." I laughed as she walked over to my right. "Your socks are gonna get dirty." I laughed. She looked down, the expression on her face made me think she couldn't care less. "THIS FUCKING THING!" Liam shouted. I looked over at Liam who was about to flip his lid, if he hadn't already. "What happened to the bus?" Zali asked. "We're trying to find out." Zayn sighed. "Calm down, Liam. We'll figure it out, mate." Louis smiled, patting Liam on the back as he walked past. He smiled cheekily at Zali on his way into the bus, not paying me a single glance. I raised my eyebrows and smiled down at Her. She looked up at me with an expression that had "What the hell?" Written all over it. We shook it off and stepped closer to Liam, who was still hitting around the engine with a spanner. "Do you even know what you're doing?" I asked. "No." "Then what's the point in you even try-" "DO YOU HAVE A BETTER IDEA?" He yelled, moving away from the engine and stepping closer to me, leaving only and inch or so from our foreheads.

I swallowed hard. Not because I was afraid he'd hit me, but because I was afraid I'd hit him. I stepped back slowly, letting him calm down. He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry." "It's alright." He shook his head, I could see his eyes watering. I looked over at Zali, who had her arms crossed and had stepped back from her previous position. I could tell by her footprints in gravel. Her stare was fixed on Liam and disbelief and fear were visible in her eyes. "Hey." I whispered. She looked over at me. "It's okay." I silently mouthed to her, flashing her a slight smile. She took a deep breath and relaxed her arms. "Can I have a word?" I heard Louis's voice from behind Zali. I nodded, ruffling Zali's hair as I walked past. "Oi." She laughed.

I followed Louis into the bus and he closed the door. "Let me ask you this again..." He walked a few steps and then span around to face me. "What are we gonna do with her? She's gonna know we aren't going to Adelaide. Plus, how does she think she's getting back home?" "Just drop it Louis. We have to play this day by day, you know it." He laughed sarcastically. "Well, what happens if we don't get this bus going and the police find us? Someone is gonna recognize us or she's gonna read something somewhere, or see something, and she'll turn us in herself!" "She wouldn't do that." "And how do you know?" "Because she trusts me. She's alright." "And you trust her?" I didn't respond. "You trust her." I felt anger churning inside me. "I trust her."

He sighed. "Harry, what about her father?" "What about him?" "Well, surely he's worried." I looked down at the ground. I hadn't thought of how it would effect him. "Worst case scenario, he thinks she's dead. So what?" "If he doesn't think she's dead, he thinks she's gone missing. If he thinks she's gone missing, he's called the cops. If he's called the cops, the cops are out looking for her." "Let's just take her with us." "Harry, we're faking our deaths, not going on a road trip!" "We have no other choice, anyway." Louis narrowed his eyes, glaring into mine. "If she goes home, we're screwed. If she stays with us, we're not." "What are you possibly going to say to make her stay with us, Harry?" "I don't know." It went silent and thoughts raced through my head. I wasn't going to lie to her even more just to make our lives easier. Even if meant I went to Jail. Louis didn't know that. I've always meant what I said, I wasn't going to change that now.

"Boys?" Niall's voice called before opening the door. "Louis, you have the keys. Try the engine." Louis sighed quietly before sitting down in the drivers seat and turning the keys he'd left in the ignition. The bus made a few spluttering sounds before going dead. I could hear Liam's angry yells from where I was. I walked back out the bus, squeezing past Niall in the door as I went. Liam was crouched on the ground holding his head in his hands. "Here, I'll give it a try. Have a breather." Zayn crouched next to him, holding his hand out for the spanner. Liam roughly handed Zayn the spanner, standing up and walking in the direction of the pub. "What are you doing?" Zayn called out. "What am I supposed to do? I'm going to have a drink." He called back. He slid his hands in his pockets and looked at the ground as he walked. Zayn stood up and leaned into the bonnet just as Liam had done, looking around and banging on this he probably shouldn't.

"You alright?" I heard Zali ask. "Yeah. Just... Can't believe the bus isn't working." "Hmm.." She sighed. Shifting her weight from her left leg to her right. "Anything to do out here?" She asked. "How should I know? You're the Australian." She laughed quietly. "If you don't know, I don't know." I added. "Well, I'm hungry." "Me too." I replied. "Come on, then." "Huh?" I looked down at her in confusion. "Let's go into the pub." "Again?" "Yes. Again. They have a pinball machine." I laughed. "Are you going to put shoes on?" She began stepping backwards still facing me. "Nope. Who needs 'em?" She laughed, spinning around and walking towards it. I shook my head with a smile before running and catching up to her.

**Zali's POV**

Once again we walked through the pub doors and sat at the same seats. I looked over to our left, seeing Liam. He had his arms crossed on the bar and was resting his head on top of them. "I'll be back..." Harry mumbled standing up from the stool. "Where are you off to?" "Toilet." He jogged off and through the men's toilet door. I looked back over at Liam, who hadn't moved a muscle. He looked so upset. I stood up and slowly walked around to him. I saw how he was today and it scared me, but he looked like he needed a shoulder. "Liam?" He looked up. His eyes were lousy, but it didn't look like he was crying. "Are you alright?" He looked back down at the bar for a second before pulling out the chair next to him. I took it as an offer to sit. "What's wrong?"

He exhaled slowly, taking his hands off the bar. "What's not wrong would have a quicker answer." "Well, I've got all day." He smiled slightly, the right hand corner of his mouth curving upwards. "Come on, you can tell me." "Home sick." "Home sick? I thought you'd be used to life on the road." "You never get used to leaving your family behind. Nothing can make that feel normal." "You'll be home soon enough. The bus'll be fixed in no time. For now, just enjoy this while it lasts. It's not often you get stick at a pub with 4 of your best mates." "You're right there." I heard footsteps walking towards us and I turned my head to look. "You guys hungry?" Harry asked. "Starving." Liam replied. Harry smiled to me, giving me a thumbs up just to his side so Liam couldn't see.

*2 hours later*

"So Niall being Niall, ran into Louis, and bam. There goes the lemonade." Liam laughed, Harry and I joining in. "Louis was so mad." Harry added. "Speaking of Louis being pissed off..." Liam stood up. "We should head back. They're gonna need help with the bus." Harry nodded before standing up. I followed their lead. We pushed the stools closer to the bar and walked out the doors. We could see the bus not that far off from where we were. Zayn and Louis were standing by the bonnet. By the looks of things, Louis was instructing Zayn on what to do. As we walked closer, we could hear them quarreling. "Zayn, don't!" "What do I do then?" "I don't know!" "Exactly! Stay out of it! Niall, try it." The engine once again spluttered and then died. Zayn's shoulders went limp as he sighed. Louis turned around after hearing our footsteps. "Look, the three amigos have arrived!" He shouted sarcastically. "Get anywhere?" Liam asked. "No. We haven't. While you be been in there having a great time, probably drinking and doing god knows what, we've been out here in the heat, doing something that, hopefully, in the long run, will benefit all 6 of us!" "Louis, chill out!" Zayn yelled. "You've been on my ass about this for hours on end. Why don't you stick your head in here and give it a shot instead of acting like you're an almighty, know-it-all fucking god!" Zayn shouted back. "You know what? Shove off! It's not my fault we're stuck in the middle of absolute nowhere, stop acting like it!" Louis slammed his fist on the metal exterior of the bus, pushing between Harry and Liam and walking towards the pub. "Have a break." Harry walked over to Zayn. "We'll come back to it after, alright?" Zayn dropped the spanner to the ground, running his hand through his hair. "Yeah... Okay." I watched Louis walk off, even his steps looked angry. "He'll be alright." Liam's voiced came from behind me. "It doesn't look like it." "It's always been his way or no way. He'll get over it." I turned around, following Liam inside, who was following Zayn and Harry.

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