Rude to a fan? I think not.

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Calum spanks Luke for being rude to a fan

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Luke was not in the best mood. He had definitely woken up on the wrong sidof his bed today. It all started off with him waking up and his favorite breakfast being gone. Then, the shower was all cold because everyone took long showers. He also saw hate on twitter and just saw tweets about how he was fat and weird. Finally, Luke was just tired and annoyed and now Ashton was bothering him.

"Stop talking to me Ashton." Luke said through gritted teeth as he stuck his fork in his pancakes.

"Why? I didn't do nothing." Ashton said in a whiny voice.

"You did though! You ate my favorite cereal and now it's all gone. You took the longest shower and had to shower with cold fucking water. " Luke yelled making Ashton sink down in his seat.

"I'm sorry Lukey." Ashton said quietly.

"Sorry doesn't cut it." Luke growled and stood up throwing out his food and going upstairs slamming the door.


"Luke, did you make Ashton cry?" Calum was knocking on Luke's door wanting to know the reason Ashton was crying.

"Um no." Luke lied through the door.

"Unlock the door Luke." Calum said sternly as he jiggled the lock.

Luke went to the door unlocking it to reveal a angry Calum.

"Say it to my face again that you didn't make Ashton cry." Calum said as he looked right through Luke's eyes.

"Ok, I did." Luke mumbled.

"You're lucky I don't spank you right now because I would. Go apologize to Ash and then we're leaving. We have a meet & greet with fans." Calum said and  Luke nodded unamusingly.


"I'm sorry Ash. I didn't mean it." Luke mumbled an apology to Ashton not feeling a bit sorry.

"It's ok Luke." Ashton mumbled feeling a bit hurt that he wasn't actually sorry.


The four boys left and saw a bunch of fans waiting for them.

"Hi girlssss!" Ashton yelled making girls fangirl and drop to the ground.

Ashton chuckled and helped the girls up and took pictures.

Everyone was enjoying themselves, everyone except for Luke.

Luke didn't want to be with fans. He just wanted to be home.

"Luke, will you take a picture with me?" A fan about 5 years old asked with her camera.

"Uh yeah sure." Luke mumbled.

Luke didn't smile in the picture and when the little girl asked for a hug, Luke pushed her down making her wince at the pain in her arm.

Calum noticed this and rushed over helping the little girl up.

She was crying and put her head into Calum's shoulder.

Calum looked up at Luke angrily and Luke looked down feeling guilty as ever.

"Sweetie, can you calm down? I don't like seeing anyone cry." Calum whispered as the little girl who said her name was Taylor wiped her tears.

Luke looked down at the little girl who was holding her arm and tears were still falling.

"Sweetie, I am sorry for being rude. I didn't mean any of it. Will you please forgive me?" Luke asked hopefully.

Taylor smiled and put her arms around his waist hugging him tightly.

"Want me to take another picture?" Luke asked and Taylor nodded.

This time, Luke was smiling and happy.

He had to realize that he couldn't be mean to his fans or even his band-mates.

Shit, I was a total bitch to Ashton.

Taylor left leaving Calum with Luke.

"I'm very proud of you bud. I'm very happy you apologized and you realized the mistake you did but you're still going to get spanked." Calum said as he patted Luke on the shoulder.

Luke nodded. This time, he deserved it.

"I just had a bad day. I'm sorry. The hate and my favorite cereal and the cold shower-" Luke was stopped by Calum by giving him a hug telling him it's ok.

Calum guided him into the building they were near and took him into a private bathroom.

"You're going to get 30 on your boxers so I need you to pull down your trousers ok bud?" Calum said a bit softer.

Luke nodded as he pulled down his trousers and braced himself before bending over Calum's lap.

SMACK SMACK You do not SMACK SMACK SMACK be rude to fans or Ashton SMACK SMACK SMACK I know you had a bad day SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK but you have to let the hate not bother you SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK ok? understand? SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Luke, just say yes SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "YE-YES SIR!" SMACK 

Calum stopped and rubbed circles on Luke's back. He looked at his revealing red bum through his boxers and patted it before picking up his trousers.

"I-I'M s-so sorry." Luke cried. Calum let Luke cry into his shoulder.

"Shh, it's ok. Remember something Lukey, you're not fat. Don't let those haters get to you." Calum said knowing that was the main reason Luke was in a bad mood.

"I-I know. It's just hard." Luke said in a low voice.

"Shh, you can do this Lukey. I know you can." Calum whispered.

Luke wiped off his tears and went back out with Calum and ran to give Ashton the biggest hug ever.

"Luke, what're you doing?" Ashton says with a giggle.

"I'm so sorry Ash. I really am. I didn't mean to be rude. It's just the hate and I'm sorry I took my anger on you. I'm so sorry and I hope you can-" Luke was cut off by Ashton covering his mouth.

"Lukeyyy! I forgive you! I love you Lukeyy" Ashton said and hugged Luke making fans smile at the "Lashton" moment.

Luke smiled and enjoyed the rest of the day with his fans taking pictures and doing shoutouts.

When they got home, Calum surprised Luke with his favorite cereal making Luke happy as ever.

Calum let Luke shower first thing for the morning making Luke cheer in joy and he made sure there would be no more hate. For Luke, Michael, Ashton or Calum.


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