Chapter One

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Well hello ladies and gents. Here is a rough chapter of my new story. ;o Hope ya'll enjoy such a story as this one. It is a little too short for my taste but I think it is a good start. so again enjoy.

 * * * *

 I remember when Blaine left our school when I was only twelve years old. My friends had all been upset that day as he said his last goodbyes, waving and giving big, long hugs. There were even some tears as the girls said they would miss me and hand shakes to all the 'bros' who thought it would be too much to hug. I remember Piper throwing her tiny arms around him sobbing harder than the time Timmy Anderson broke her precious heart by kissing Ashley Peters right in front of her. He held her the longest because she was his best friend of all time. I recall being super shy, peering behind the tiny crowd of people wishing Blaine good luck at a new school. I raised my hand slightly to wave a little goodbye as my cheeks became very rosy. He gave the brightest to me and waved a small goodbye as well.

 I do not know what caused me to remember these small details, but I assume it was because Piper said he was coming back after six years. Of course Blaine and I were never that close so why would it matter to me, right? Piper kept going on, endless talking about how we should throw a welcome home party for him. She just wants a reason to throw a party really. And as I sit here, directly in front of her, going down memory lane, my name and my house come into the same sentence. ABORT

 “We are not. I repeat NOT having the party at my house.” I glare at her. But I know exactly what she is going to say after this.

 “But your parents are out of state for the whole weekend!” she pouts, puffing her lip out to give the full affect.

 I shake my head. “Didn't you hear the intense not?”

 Cash slides into the seat beside me at the lunch table. Clearly the word 'party' got him interested.

 “If ya'll wanna throw a party,” His lips started to form a grin. “I will totally flag down a place for you to throw it.”

 Piper just stared at him longingly nodding her head. Of course! How did I not see it before? She only wanted to throw a party because she knows Cash would be into the conversation on one minute flat. See, Piper fancies cash, by a lot. She has been begging on her hands and knees for me to hook her up, because he is my best friend and all. Ever since sophomore year she had this dream of living in a mansion with her married to Cash and me married to Blaine. She said the whole best friend thing would totally work out so we could be the 'it' couples. Poor naïve little Piper.

 “Well it will not be in my house.” I sigh. “You know what happened last time.”

 Cash gets flustered. “I didn't mean to answer the phone when your parents called.”

 “Not just that!” I raise my voice “You called my mother hot and told her you could give her a great time.”

 He grins from ear to ear. “The offer still stands.”

   I hit him in the shoulder and roll my eyes. Now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, let me just say that this is not and will not be the first and last time Cash has tries to make comments about my mother. For some odd reason my mom is a ‘milf’, or so Cash and half of the male population says. I mean yeah it is sick and wrong that my best friend is into my mother, but what should I do? I just hit him and that seems to work for the time being.

 The subject gets switched as piper talks Cash’s ear off about the party that will probably never happen. “So who’s house is this going to be at this time?”

 “Probably the lake house.” Cash answers.

 “Wait? Jason’s lake house?” She gasps. “He finally got the money for that place?”

 I roll my eyes as the bell rings, signaling that lunch is over. I do not bother waiting for Piper to follow behind and I head over to my next class, I will let her soak up the time with the boy she longingly dreams about. When I get to my class I get an interesting surprise. A group of fangirls chatting it up in government about a new guy. Blaine.

 “Have you seen Blaine Owens!” One girl squeals

 “Isn't he dreamy?” Another sighs

 Stephanie runs up to me, leaving the large group of hungry girls. She was jumping up and down, smiling like she just got a brand new car. I mean, a new car would be way better than a new boy. I don’t want to crush her excitement so I just give a small smile and nod my head when she tells me about how Blaine Owens is finally back. I am shocked to even think anyone remembers him so fondly, that or they just want to.

 Right then the talk of the day walks in nonchalantly. He sported ripped skinny jeans and a blue shirt with a black hoodie. His blue Neff beanie that sagged down was probably what pulled the outfit together. It was what made him look like a straight up skater boy, with his long hair hanging out this way and that. It was attractive and I was shocked that he didn’t look anything like the little boy who said goodbye in the sixth grade. What did I expect, for him to look exactly the same? We were like twelve for christ’s sake.

 He looked right at me and smiled and of course, out of kindness, I smiled back. I made sure to not look directly at the other girls because I knew that they would be staring at both of us, wondering why he chose to acknowledge my existence instead of theirs.

 “May I sit here.” He pointed to the seat to the right of me, still giving a smile that could kill most of the woman in this room.

 I nod, “Go right ahead.”

 The rest of class was nothing special and the day dragged on. Eventually it came time for everyone to go home. I grabbed my things to go, looking for Piper because she was my ride. When I found her, she was glued to none other than Blaine. It must of been one hell of a reunion from them because she had tears streaming down her cheeks. When I walk up she parts away from him, wiping her away her tears.

 Piper laughed. “It has been too long!”

 Blaine’s smile was as big as ever. “ I cannot believe you are blonde now!”

 “Yeah, Parker talked me into it.” She looked at me, still smiling.

 He looks at me like he was thinking of something to say. “Wait.” is the only thing that came out of his mouth.


 “Parker? Parker Reece?” He looks stunned.

 I nod slowly, “That is my name.”

 “You look,” He paused, like he couldn’t find the right word “so different!” I honestly do not know how to take that, was it good or bad?

 “Well,” I didn’t bother continuing a sentence.

 “Last time I saw you, you were wearing little sun flower dresses and you had brown curly short hair!” He laughs. “No look at you!”

 What was with this guy huh? I mean it was six years ago, does he expect me to look like that same brunette? I force a smile though, because he hasn’t seen me since that day I shyly waved at him when he left. Maybe I should just chill out a little.

 “And you were so shy!” He gapes his mouth.

 “It just so happens that I am not that same little girl I was six years ago.”

 I mean, it was true. I had straight auburn hair that reached all the way to my waistand I wore jeans and shorts with sweaters and crop tops. I was your typical hipster if you really wanted the label to make yourself feel better. I wasn’t the one to put a name to everything anyways.

 “I mean, she was always a hipster before it was cool though.” Piper jokes.  

 “Always gorgeous.” Blaine says.

 Piper winks at me. “So the party!”

 Great, I could just hear the wedding bells and see the mansion Piper has picked out. This is going to be fun.

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