Chapter 1

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The whole day in school is boring,teachers blabbing on about how we have to study over the summer.Summer starts tomorrow,and our last day in school is today.So there's a dance tonight,boring.

My mum booked me a therapist,because I'm 'out of control' since my dad left.I figured maybe it would be nice to actually talk to someone,since if I ever went to the school counsellor Mr.Keif,he wouldn't believe me.

As I step inside the big building for my therapist appointment,the girl at the desk immediately calls me.

"Annabelle Willis,is it?" She smiles brightly.

"Um,yeah." I say shaking my coat off even though there is nothing on it.

"Waiting room is down there to the left."

I walk down the long corridor and finally get to a small,full waiting room.Theres lots of different people here,some homeless men,some girls that look like they got abused,some old men,a few Middle Aged woman,and one boy catches my eye,it's Harry Styles from school, the 'bad boy'.

A lot of people say we would be perfect for each other,since we both brake the schools rules on a daily basis,but he is not my type at all.

I look around for a seat and the only one is beside him,I hesitate but sit down.

"Hey." A husky voice says from beside me,I quickly realise that it's Harry.

"What do you want?" I ask.

"You." He smirks but looks back down at his hands.I chuckle digustingly at his words but take out my phone.

As I scroll through twitter I feel Harry staring at me."Look why are you looking at me like that?"

"Like what?" He smirks.

"Why are you even here anyway? I'm pretty sure your life is perfect enough," I spit,"Oh yeah I forgot,your just here to put the building on fire."

"My life isn't perfect," he says.

I just laugh.

"Why are you here anyway?" He asks,"Like I'm sorry for being nosey,but I honestly am interested."

"Interested? Since when?"

"Since five minutes ago,now spill your story." He remarks.

"My dad."

"Your dad?" He asks.

"Yes,my dad."

"Does he work here or something?"

"No,he ran away and my mum says I'm out of control,so here I am.Now spill your story." I say.

"Well,my dad ran away too,and my mum says I'm out of control." He frowns.

"Oh god poor you.Your not serious? You just copied my story! I bet that's how you get all the ladies,well sorry But Little Ms.Perfect is not interested one bit."

"Whatever." He rolls his eyes,and the girl calls me for my appointment.

I stand up,kicking Harry's leg on purpose.He just smirks as I walk away.

I tell the therapist everything about me,and she suprises me by not judging me.She actually made me feel good.I walk home,grabbing a bag of chips In the shop on the way home.When I get home,my dog Jack jumps on me.

"Mum,I'm home!" I shout,sitting down at the couch.

"Honey,how was the therapist?" She smiles.

"Crap." I lie,it was brilliant,but I'm not saying that,I just want to spite her.

"Oh,well.You don't have to go back." She frowns.

"No,it's okay,uh I will."

"Ok," she smiles,"Well do you want to get ready for the dance tonight?"

I moan,the stupid dance.Stupid dance,I have to go.

"Yep." I say going up to my room.I put on a peach dress,with a brown belt.I but on my high peach shoes,curl my hair and do my make up.And I'm all set.

I go downstairs and Check the time,it's 7:30,and the dance starts at 8. Mum drops me and I walk in to a big huge hall,people are making out everywhere."Belle!"

I look around to see Charlie,my best friend running towards me,she looks amazing.She has a dark blue dress and black heels,her hair straight as a dart.

"You look gorgeous!" She smiles.

I'm not really into these type of stupid dance party's,I can't wait untill I'm older and in college to be going to frat party's,there better than these stupid prom like ones.

"Thanks." I say not showing any emotion,I'm hardy going to tell her she is amazing,am I?

"Let's go get a drink." She smiles as we walk over to the drink stand.The old lady hands us two orange juices,lovely.

We sit down at a table and chat away.

"Oh my god! Harry Styles actually came!" Charlie suprises me.

I turn my head to see the curly haired player I seen today,walking towards us.He has a black Rolling Stones t-shirt,just like mine,with black skinny jeans.

"Well hello ladies." He smirks,taking a seat beside us.

"Hi!" Charlie blushes.

"How are you?" He flirts,putting his hand over Charlie's shoulder and she freezes.

"Grow the fuck up." I say,a little to

Loudly,and the whole place is turned towards me.

"What did you just say?" He says,standing up,towering over me.

"I said grow the fuck up,child." I say standing up,and I'm as tall as his shoulder.

"I'll show you how to grow the fuck up." He says grabbing my hand and dragging me into a room,that's empty.

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