Chapter One: Miscommunications

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Marceline's PoV!


"No you're misunderstanding, my name isn't Mark, it's Marceline. It's on my application and everything." I groaned and explained for the third time. Things were not off to the best start. I had been placed in the male dormitory because of a typo and there were no openings in the female dormitory. And my parents were in Costa Rica for the next eight months with no way to contact them. Just great.

"You mean this not your name? You are not Mr. Clark?" the poor admissions director was trying to speak English, but it was broken and more than a little difficult to understand sometimes.

"No it's Marceline, M-A-R-C-E-L-I-N-E, Marceline Clark." I repeated, spelling my name out slowly as if talking to a child.

"Oh yah! I see. Okay... well normally this is not be allowed, but there isn't much to do... so you will room with Mr. Goi until your own personal room is prepared." She bit her lip and tapped her pen against the table.

What!? I have to room with a guy? As if it could get any worse... "I have to room with... a guy?" I was livid. This was ending up worse than originally anticipated.

"Well your parents are out of touch and no room is available. This is the only option." She smiled sadly at me and patted my hand that was resting on the table. "He's very studious, it should be no trouble, I assure you. I'll call him in."

"A-alright..." I was rooted to my seat as I began to plan my self introduction. Hey, I'm Marceline. My parents sent me away to musical boarding school because they are tired of raising a failure of a child. Oh, you can call me Marce by the way. Real charming.

"He's on his way from class. While we wait, I'll explain your schedule. You see, we have block-schedule." I most certainly did not 'see'. "This means that we go to four two-hour periods a day and Wednesdays are half-days because of study hall." She handed me a schedule with my name- corrected on this paper, my gender- also corrected, and my grade. I was also handed a room key with the number 18 on the keychain attached to it. "Your room is number 18 and we are in third period. Mr. Goi will help you to class."

"Thanks..." I whispered feeling like a shooed stray dog. I got up from my chair and turned to open the door when I felt it hit something solid.  Jesus fucking christ, can I catch a break already? "I'm terribly sorry are you alright?" I gushed opening the door to it's full length to get a good look at my victim.

"Shiza!" The guy laying on the ground yelled looking up at me.

"Do you speak English? Shit I'm sorry. Fuck." I groaned dropping my bags and offering him a hand. Please don't let this be how I meet my roommate.

"Oh you're quite timely Mr. Goi." The AD exclaimed from behind me and my heart dropped.

"Well fuck."

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