Capter 9

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Jo was suspended from school for two weeks and Jared received another detention. Jacob received a broken arm and a few broken ribs and one of his teeth fell out, but as a werewolf he was fully healed the next day. 

Mersea slung her bag over one shoulder. Her eyes were darkened with the sleep she was unable to get last night. Jared walked by her side with his hands in his pockets. He was worried about Mersea for after the incident she refused to talk much with anyone, including her sister, Serina. They were headed to art class and Jared was fearing the worst. What will happen between Mersea and her ex-friend, Tanya? They took their seats in their usually spots.Tanya was no where to be seen. Jared relaxed a little in relief. 

As the bell rang and Jared took out his sketch book, Tanya walked through the door. Her eyes immediately shooting flames toward Jared and Mersea. Mersea slid down her seat in an attemt not to be seen, which was an obvious failed atempt as Tanya walked toward them to sit beside Mersea. Mersea huffed in frustration. 

The art teacher instructed them to draw something, anything that would describe them. Jared was drawing an angry black wolf with bones at it's feet, saliva dripping from the jaws that can snap a human limb clean off. The moon, red in color, was set at the top right corner where a yellow cloud floated around it hugging it in protection. Black birds, ravens, frozen in mid flight and navy blue mountains in the distance.

Jared took a peek at Mersea's drawing. She had drawn a gold ring with which was around a white wolf's neck. In the wolf's mouth was a gold nail that was dripping with blood. In the distance, there lay a black wolf howling up at the blue sky. A song of love, a song of protection, a song for a mate. The trees around them were twisted at the trunks, small creatures stared at the white wolf. The sun fading in the distance as night begins to rise. 

Jared furrowed his eyebrows at Mersea's drawing. "How does that represent you, cupcake?" Jared asked. Mersea didn't take her eyes off the paper as she kept drawing. Jared turned his attention back to his own paper, thinking she was not going to answer him any time soon. 

"I had this dream. I was in a forest and I had looked into a lake. I saw my reflection, but my reflection was not human it was a wolf. A beautiful white wolf stared back at me with silver eyes. I didn't know what to make of it at the time," she cleared her throat and whispered, "I know I am a werewolf."

Jared gasped. He was awestruck. She is a human. She does not have a werewolf scent. He took her hand in his. "How are you so sure?" he asked.

"My sister recited to me a book, a book of werewolf legends. It stated about a pair of twins. One will be an Alpha werewolf and one will be half human half werewolf until she finds her mate. Well, I found my mate, but I don't feel any different. I don't know how to get into my werewolf form at all," Mersea clarified. 

Jared scrunched up his face and pursed his lips, his thinking face. He thought of something. "We will talk about this much later. I will do my research. Don't worry, cupcake, I will figure this out." he reassured. Mersea squezzed their hands and kept drawing, their hands still locked underneath the desk. Jared's mind was working hard to understand everything her mate had just told him. 

~After School~

Mersea was seated in the single seated couch, her legs tucked underneath her, her hand in her mouth as she nervously bit her nails. Jared scratched his head uncomfortably, seated on the large couch next to her. He let out a sigh. "Mersea... um.. You don't know a lot about werewolves... uh..." he started awkwardly. Mersea gazed at him, through her hair that had fallen down upon her face and nodded slowly. "Ok well first off, ... werewolves are very territorial and possesive creatures. Once we claim something is ours ... it's ours. Uh.. well you see what you were saying in class today, about how you can't figure out how to get into your werewolf form... well, I think I have an idea to how..." 

Mersea leaned back a little and gave him her ears, she was listening. He scratched his head again. "I believe that since it has something to do with me... I have to mark you..." he said nervoously. 

Mersea leaned forward a little and lifted an eyebrow. "Ok? and that is?" she asked. Jared face palmed. 

"Have you like never read or heard anything about werewolves? Werewolves write those werewolf books. Ok never mind. To a mate, a mark is a precious symbol of love and protection and it also warns other werewolves away from male werewolf's mates." he explained. 

"What is this mark, you speak of?" she asked. 

Jared groaned in frustration. "A bite! It's a bite on your neck," he blurted.

She formed an 'O' with her mouth in understandement. "But won't that hurt me?" she asked.

Jared is getting tired of Mersea's questions. "No. You will only feel pleasure. It will feel like an orgasm." he reassured. 

Mersea played with her toes and nodded. Jared stood up and walked up to her. He pulled back her hair and kissed her tenderly on the lips. "I love you, Mersea," he whispered into her ear. His breath tickling her gently. 

"I love you too"

She looked into his green eyes and he looked into her brown ones. Jared grabbed her by the thighs and lifted her and he took a seat where she was last seated and placed her on top of him. He kissed her again. "What does an orgasm feel like?" Jared threw his head back and laughed. His laugh was half mixed with a howl. 

"You, my sweet cupcake will find that out soon enough," he winked at her. 

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