What dose he want?

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Veritys p.o.v

I was sat in a dark room, silence,  I took a deep breath in "hello..?" I wisperd , I could hear something moving around me, the sound of clicking filled the air, I remember that sound , "hello Verity. .......miss me?" that voice,  that cold dark venomous voice that I remember from my teenage years,that voice that I hate, it couldn't be! no no No! " Drake Owen! what the hell are you doing in my head?! get the hell out and away from me!" I screamed,  he chuckled,  that dark mysterious chuckle I had always hated, he hadn't changed, the same black hair, the same dark brown eyes, they were almost black, hatred,  thats all I could see when I look at him "you remember me then?" he asked, I glared in his direction "ofcorse I do, you beat me enough,  cant believe I was stupid enough to be with you, cant believe I ever loved you!" I said through gritted teeth,  "actually I never loved you" I added,  he shrugged "that realy doesn't effect me" he laughed, I couldn't stand the look he gave, me, I rolled my eyes and looked away "you know, its not my faulte all your friends turned on you!" i mumbled, he turned my face to him "yes it was!, your the freak everyone hated, and because i made a mistake and got with you everyone left me"he growled in my face "yer ok, i didnt help, but they disowend you because your a harteless swine" i hissed in his face, he gave me the most disgusted and annoyed look he could gather up "you will hear from me again,  remember the name blade, you will hear it again"  he said before laughing. .....

I shot up in bed again,  sweating,  shaking, I shook my head, no No NO!, get out of my head, get out, get out, GET OUT! !!! *Knock knock* a slight bang at the door made me jump, I jumped up and walked to the door and slowly opened the door, I poked my head out to see Logan, I grabbed the collar of his top and pulled him in, I glanced over to the clock, 2 am, I locked the door and hugged him "whats wrong? " he wisperd, I looked up at him and explained, i looked up at him an he looked down at me, I put my right arm around his neck and pulled him into a kiss, he didn't hesitate,  we found our way back to my bed ..........


Veritys p.o.v

"ok guys, pack up" I called across the room, everyone got up and put their stuff away "bye verity " Taylor said while leaving the room, shes one of my closest friends "bye Tay" I said as Logan came in, he bumped into one of my students "Exton? " he asked, he knows him?

Logans p.o.v

"Exton?" I said, I couldn't believe it, I cant believe my nephew goes to this school and I wasnt told "hey uncle Logan" he mumbled,  he had longish straight brown hair with blond dip dye at the verry ends, I knew his curly hair wouldn't last, his eyes like his mother's,  my sister (this is mentioned in my friend and my book on our acount ironmanandthor go read it xx) I pulled him in fot a hug "why didn't your sky.....I mean your mum tell me?" I asked, he pulled away "she was going to but her and dad have been so busy lately" he explained "hold on, your skyler and Tony starks youngest son Exton? " Verity asked, he nodded "so your sister's son?" she asked me, I nodded to, she smiled and looked suprised,  at this moment Taylor,  Veritys friend came though the door "there you are Exton,  I walked out thinking you were with me" Taylor said, she walked over to Exton and kissed him quickly "hold on........Taylor as in Gwens daughter Taylor? " I asked, she nodded "yes, how did you know that ?" she asked confused "my sister is Skyler,  Extons mum and gwen is her best friend, I actually met you when you were a year old, but I haven't seen you since" I told her, she looked suprised too "so your uncle is wolverean!?" she asked Exton suprised,  Exton nodded "thats awesome" Taylor smiled,  Exton was so quiet,  how was he with such a lively girl like Taylor?  the surprising thing is they were a great couple and they looked cute together "ok we are gunna go now..........nice to see you again,  uncle Logan"  Exton said close to a mumble, they walked away,  "bye " I waved as they left, I turned to Verity "thats was werid to see them, I haven't spoken to my sister in ages" I told her, she smiled "maybe you should call her?" Verity asked me, I nodded "I will later" I smiled before we walked out of the room.

Skylers p.o.v

my phone began to buzz "hello?" i asked as i picked it up "hey sis, its logan" his voice chirped down the phone "Logan? hi, how are you?" i asked as Tony walked though the door "honeeyyyy im home" he laughed walking though the door "yes im good, how about you?" Logan asked "im fine, excuse me for two secnds" i said " go ahead" logan answerd, i placed the phone down and looked at Tony "forget anything?" i asked "i dont think so" he said while shakeing his head, i sighed "well for one, you forgot the drycleaning, you also forgot to pick up the car and maybeeee......hmmmmm LYDIA!, our daughter!" i exclaimed he dropped the shoping in the kitchen "i will go get all of them imideatly" he said, i sighed again "oh and sky" he called "yeaa" i answerd "i loove yooooooooooooooou" he shouted befor he left i laughed "when will he learn j.a.r.v.i.s?" i asked "i dont know miss, Logan is still on the line"  jarvis answerd "oh yes,sorry about that Logan" i said down the phone.....

Logans p.o.v

"sounds like Tony hasnt changed" i laughed "your right there" she also laughed "so i saw Exton today...." my sentance trailed off "oh my god, thats what i had to tell you! Im sooooo sorry, i have been so busy with.............a mission.......im sorry..." she exclaimed "hey, hey ,hey it sounds like your stressed" i said  "yes, i am, hey can you do me a favour?" she asked "ofcorse anything" i said, i would do anything for my sister, anything! "could you look after my kids? Exton,Lydia and Indio, Exton already gose to your school, Lydia and Indio will  be joining soon" she told me "ofcorse i will but i dont think they are going to want the uncle who they never see around" i told her "They love you, they just have trouble showing it, they havent seen you in ages so they may be alittle quiet you just need to give them time" she told me "ok Skyler, i will look after them, they will be safe with me and Verity" i told her "Verity?" she asked "yer, this girl we are really good friends" i told her "mmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmm, anyway thankyou Logan, it was nice talking to you again,love you, i have to go because i heard a smashand that means Indio is doing somthing he shouldnt be" she told me fast "ok, i love you to, bye sky" i laughed and then the line went dead, i cant waite to see my niece and my other nephew, i smiled to myself and spun around to see Verity in deep thought "whats up Ver?" i asked, she looked up and shook her head "huh?" she asked confused "are you ok?" i asked while sitting next to her "i cant get Drake......im mean blade or whatever out of my head, what dose he want?" she told me "i dont know, but i promise you will be safe" i told her, she smiled and hugged me, i hugged her back "my niece Lydia and my other Nephew Indio are joining this school soon" i told her "so thats whos joining?" she asked "yer" i told her she pulled away and smiled, "ok come on then, off we go" she said as we left the room to go to our next lessons.


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