My eyes widened as I realized that it was one of the things that invaded the earth a few years back. I impulsively grabbed the Doctor's arm.

He gave me a surprised look, and I let it go sheepishly.

At first, I thought it was dead or something. It's eyes were blank (Though weren't they always?) and it didn't move. I was about to sigh with releif until it spoke. 


Fudge, I thought (or a word that sounds simalar). "What do you mean?"

"Don't question it," the Doctor said. "It'll kill you."

"Well, it certainly hasn't made a move," I snapped.

And, as if I had prompted it in a play, it stepped foreward. The Doctor shoved me back, but it was too late.

It clamped its cold, metal hand on my shoulder. 

"NO!" I heard the Doctor shout.

Time slowed down. I saw images of my past. They always said that your life flashes before your eyes before you die. Snippets of memories flashed through my brain. They only lasted for a moment before fading. 

My favorite chocolate shop in Germany. They always gave me a Kinder egg when I learned 5 new German words. I loved the smooth milk chocolate that melted in my mouth, then replaced by silky white chocolate. Then, at the center, there would be a small plastic case. I would pop open the yellow cylander, and squeal at the new toy I had just received.

My first home in the US. A small cottage in the woods, with the nearest neighbors being the couple that owned a horse barn. They let me ride their Quarter Horse mix Shawn. He was a huge horse, but the most gentle creature. I could sit in the saddle all day, and he would do anything; he would keep on going. I loved him more that I loved myself.

Beaches in Costa Rica. My mom's beautiful face looking down at me. Her wavy, dark hair tumbled past her shoulders and her blue eyes made every man's knees weak. The warm, salty water washed the sand off my toes. My 4-year-old fingers worked skillfully on a sand castle. I heard my parents speaking about our future move.

My last home in London. My dad knelt next to me, his messy hair falling into his eyes. he smiled, letting those dimples shine. I was reading a book about horse care. My dad laughed when I mispronounced 'poll' and said 'pall.'

An unfmiliar man in a black leather jacket. He had short-cropped black hair, intense blue eyes, and was scanning me with some bleepy thing. 

"I don't know. Something will come. She's getting stonger by the day," he said.

"How long?" my dad asked.

He shook his head. "I don't know. Couple months, couple years. The safest-"

"No," my mother said. "We promised her that she would have as normal a life as possible. She's too young to handle everything."

Everything started to fade. This is a good way to die, I guess. I'm coming, Mom. See you soon.

The would blurred. Everything was so surreal. I felt myself falling, but not really. Almost like... like I was floating. Floating downwards.

My haed hit the ground. I only heard 1 word out of the Doctor's mouth.

The last thing I registered was shock.



The word he said.


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