That girl.

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James P.O.V

We walked down stalking a girl for Liam.

We walked slowly my eyes scanned around the mess hall. I seen her.Black hair, tattoos, He hair made her seem punk or a rocker . Her eyes had a black ring.

She wasn't ugly, but she was originally. The exact opposite of Liam. "Her." I pointed to the girl.

"Perfect!" zayn said. He let out held breath.

"Liam will have fun with that one." We laughed. Niall has been getting closer with Hayes, I think thats her name. That ass face better not win hes going to jump on that lake!

Liam P.O.V

"Liam!" I heard harry run up to me.

"What?" Liam panicked.

"She's pretty." harry reasured me.

"Well i seen the girl you wanted to.set Niall up with..."  I laughed. Harry let out a small laugh as we walk with our group of friends.

"Where is she?" I asked. My eyes scaned the look looking at all of the beautiful girls. I would be happy with anyone of them honesty.

"Her," Louis pointed his slim finger. Her hair was a jet black, semmed as if she could kick some ass, her skin as lovely as silk. she seemed retro which kind of scared me. it gave me something to think about.

"Like you say, she's pretty." I smirked. Harry patted my back.

"Well, go to talk to get!" Zayn teased slaping my ass. I jumped at the touch and walked forward.

As if god was looking down on me she looked staight into my eyes, a small blush rose to the top of her cheeks she looked away turning to a group of whi I thought was her friends.

I walked up behind her."Hello." I she tured to face me. She pushed her hair behind her ear.

"H-Hello." she studdered.

"I'm Liam." I smile. She looks at her feet, she has on no shoes.

"Deli-lah." she stuck out her hand. I couldn't tell if she was nervous or had a stutter.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." I sweet talked myself. I wasn't liwing the girl was gorgeous butbmy opposite. Shes nothing like me.

"You're to k-kind." She started."S-sorry, I have a s-s-stutter."

"No problem, its cute." I playvwith a peice of her hair.

"No it's not." she looked down at her bare feet.

"It makes you original, and nobody likes a copy." I lean in, my lips inches away from her own.

"We j-just m-meet." Delilah said, putting her cold fingers no my lips.

She rejected my kiss! No!

"D-Delilah!" a girl laughed. She was mocking her.

"S-Shut the h-hell u-u-up!" Delilah screamed causeing me to jump back this littlw fragile girl went from.sweet and innocent to, to that?

"Woah calm down!" I held her in my arms.

"No. N-n-no. I'm f-fu-fucking sick of it!" she screamed. I stiked her hair trying to calm her down.

What has happened to this poor girl, what makes her fly off the wall so easily. I think she would be use to the teasing by now, especially since she stutters. It's terrible that anyone would make fun of her.

"Liam, please leave me alone." she said without a stutter. Her eyes seemed hurt. I grabbed a pen off the near by table and wrote my number on her hand.

"Call me." I said and walked away

The guys were gone, I must have talked to Delilah for over an hour itvwas nice though she was nice.


New chapter, I want to thank @eeveecaughtme for the character of Delilah. I know she wasn't supose to have a studder and supose to be a bad ass but o have a really cute thing planed for these to hope you dont mind.

Lots of love:)

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