: Meet Haku Tsukiko :

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∗ Name: Haku Tsukiko

Meaning: Haku (white) Tsukiko (moon child)

∗ Gender: Female

∗ Age:

Year 845: 12-years-old

Current Year: 15-years-old

∗ Apperance:


Light Brown Hair (Short, shoulder length hair)

Light Brown Amber Eyes

Tanned Skin

148 cm Tall


Titan Shifter:

Pure White Hair (same length)

Light Blue Colored Skin/Muscle

Clear/White Colored Eyes (Same color as pupils)

15 meters Tall

∗ Affiliation: Scouting Legion

∗ Statistic:


[][][][][][][] 8/10

Social Skills

[][][][] 4/10


[][][][][] 5/10


[][][][][][] 6/10


[][][][][][][] 7/10

Battle Skills

[][][][][][][][][] 9/10

∗ Personality:

Haku is very sweet and playful girl, although she can be very shy some times. She has her dark moments from time to time, but they would usually pass in just a matter of minutes. Haku mostly relates her trainning to her long past from when the titans attack Wall Maria. Just like Eren, she hates titans. She would one day like the see the real world outside the walls, with 'no titans' as she imagines. She mainly joined the Scouting Legion to fight for humanity and to protect the love ones she still has.

Unfortunately, Haku is scared of people finding out that she has the power/gift/talent of turning into a titan. She feels as if her firends and the other soldiers will reject her [ I will not go into details on how she become a titan. The story will explain all of it ]. The only way for her to turn into a titan is if she breaks a vain in eaither one of she wrist. As a titan, she can control her actions as a titan 100 percent. She can see, feel, hear, and smell all of her surrounding during this tranfarmation. Sadly, she doesn't want anyone to find out any of this information what so ever. Not even Eren...

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