Personal meetings

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Kayla and I both turned a 90 degree angle and were looking at the boys. I'm pretty sure me and her had a confused face expression because Matthew said "were only asking if you guys wanted to go to taco bell." Kayla and I did a 1 on 1 huddle up and whispered "should we  go this could be our only chance. the boys probably thought we were crazy at this point, look at us we had to have a personal meeting to decide if we wanted to go to taco bell with the MAGCON  group. We looked back and everyone was on their phone or fooling around but Hayes and Nash were starring waiting for a answer. "ummm i guess were going." I announced kinda loud. The Griers  jumped up like they just got 10 million dollars. The eight others just looked at them and then Carter said "alright lets go I'm driving." When everyone was escorting the arena Taylor went up to Nash and Hayes and said "this was for you guys I saw you having a make out session with the shorter one and you Hayes checking the other one out." Brent then came out of no where and did his "MMMMHMM!" I overheard Taylor say that because I was getting my bag I accidently left on the chair. I got out my phone and texted my mom "I'm going to taco bell with the MAGCON boys! when I was putting my phone away CRASH! me and Hayes clashed and my purse fell letting the objects inside emerge out. the worst part was my journal was covered with Hayes's face all over it and I'm for sure he saw it. I started to get red from embarrassment. after that dilemma was over we just looked at each other but got interrupted by Cameron coming in and saying "Lets go or your walking." we walked off and got into the car that wasn't cramped since everyone was in carters car  and we were in a taxi. just before i got into the taxi i looked through the half tinted window in carters car and Kayla and Nash were in their connection mode again and all the others were avoiding them. I just was kind of jealous and thought  "I have to do something more extravagant and more then just stare and hug Hayes once." we just were silent the whole ride and it was awkward. we then got to Taco Bell and just went in.

 I hope you guys are enjoying this its going to start to get interesting between everybody!

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