what have i done?

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Niomi's P.O.V

Zoe and Tanya stayed round mine all day, we had so much fun, i mean we ate chocolate gossiped watched movies, what most girls love to do. but it all started to go down hill the next day.

we woke up at 9:30; we quickly chucked on some make up, throw our hair up and left to go and have some breakfast on the beach. i grabbed my phone, purse, lipstick and locked the door as we left.

we went to a cute little breakfast inn in the middle of town, it was so cute! we all got a cupcake and some fruit tea. the inn was practically empty, apart from a group of boys, who looked around 18/19. i ignored them at first, but then they started to whistle and wink at us. we decided to walk out. we walked into boots, i really needed another concealer! as i walked around the different stolls in boots i saw the group of boys from the inn, i turned round to try see that Zoe and Tanya were no were to be seen. i started to panic, i dropped the concealer and ran around the shop to try and find them, i felt a strong hand on my shoulder, i paniced and screamed. the person put their hand over my mouth, muffling my scream, i tried to pull out of his grip. he told me to act natural. i found it hard to breath, his voice quitley spoke, "act natural" i recognised that voice, it was my EX'S !!

i walked out the shop, he still had his hand pressed against my back.tears started to roll down my face as i was finding it harder and harder to breath,whats going to happen !


Zoe's P.O.V

we cant find Niomi anywhere! i think im having a panic attack, we have called joe, marcus, alfie and marcus, they are all looking for her, we need t find her!



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