Chapter 38

"Ariana!" The familiar voice of Niall yelled through a bunch of high-pitched squeals. I was walking out of the airport, and I turned my head to see their tour bus, surrounded by many many fans. I waved to him, and slightly smiled. I could see the outline of Harry's curly hair through the dimmed window. Everyone else was standing outside, waiting for me. I slowly walked over to them, and all of the girls cleared a path for me, some even asking for my autograph. I put on my best fake-smile, considering I wasn't too happy to be here. I walked up three steps, onto their tour bus and looked around. There were six beds in the way back of the bus, two small doors, which I'm assuming were bathrooms, and then a lounge area. There was a couch lined up against both walls, facing each other, with a round coffee table between them. Besides the layout of the bus, the first thing I saw was Harry, just looking at me. He looked terrible, like he hadn't slept in days. He had dark circles under his beautiful green eyes. I needed to stay strong, but all I really wanted to do was cry and run into his arms. But I couldn't. You can't, Ariana.

"Ariana!" Louis yelled, causing me to turn around. All four of the other boys hugged me, and couldn't stop smiling. Zayn and Liam sat down on the couch next to Harry, and Louis and Niall on the other one, facing them. They motioned for me to come sit, so I sat down next to Louis, who gave me a look, which I ignored.

"So..." Niall smiled.

"So where are we going now?" I asked as the bus started pulling away from the airport.

"I think it's uh, Dallas?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah, Texas." Liam agreed.

"Cool." I nodded.

"So how've you been?" Liam asked.

"Fine." I said.

"Are you lying?" Zayn asked and I hesitated, but finally answered.

"Yes." I said, and looked down. I blinked a lot to try to stop the tears from falling, but that only made them fall more. I took a deep breath, and watched two tears hit the floor beneath me as Niall wrapped his arms around me. I looked up, and Louis joined in with Niall. Harry's eyes met mine, and I wiped the tears away. He looked so sad, like he was also about to cry. It made me want to kill myself, just looking at him like that.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked, and I took a deep breath again.

"Well, I've basically been held captive with Alex, and life's just been terrible, especially since the incident." I said, and Louis looked away, since he was the only one who knew.

"Oh yeah, what ever happened?" Liam asked.

"Um..." I started and looked at Harry who was just waiting for me to go on.

"We'll give you two a minute." Zayn smiled, and the other boys shuffled into the bedroom, sliding the door shut behind them. When we were sure they were gone, Harry spoke up.

"You okay?" He asked.

"I think I've made it pretty clear I'm not." I sighed. He looked around, and finally got up, walking over to me. He sat down next to me, our legs almost touching. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. I just let them fall, and Harry put his arm around me, and I leaned on his shoulder. After I had calmed down a little bit, he talked.

"Ariana, I meant what I said." He started.


"That I love you." He said, making me cry a little more. "I still do." He sighed.

"Is that the same thing you said to Victoria?" I asked.

"No, Ariana, listen to me." He said, taking my hand in his. "Victoria is my past... and I want you to be my future." He said, looking at me.

"Harry, I have to tell you something." I said.


"Um... the accident I had in the jail a few nights ago." I started, and he nodded. "It was um..." I sighed. "I had a miscarriage." I finally said, and looked up at him.

"You did?" He asked, staring at me. I slowly nodded, and let the tears fall again. He wiped them away, and pulled me into a long hug.

"And I'm sorry. I should've never-" I started but he cut me off.

"Ariana, stop. This isn't your fault at all. It's actually no ones, because we used protection. It must've just broke or something though." Harry said. "Honestly, don't blame yourself. I'm sorry, for doing that to you." He smiled.

"Harry why does it look like you haven't slept in days?" I asked.

"Because I haven't." He said. "All I have been thinking about was you. I couldn't stop, and I needed you." He explained.

"Harry I-"

"Ariana, stop. This whole thing is all my fault. I should've never even talked to Victoria, and this miscarriage thing isn't your fault, okay?"



"If I had actually never had a miscarriage... and I actually had the child... would you still stay with me?" I asked.

"Of course." He said. I hugged him again, wrapping my arms around his neck and crying into his shoulder.

"I love you." He whispered. I was about to respond when Zayn burst through the bedroom door, slowly followed by everyone else.

"Oh, uh... sorry." Zayn said, and we stopped hugging, and looked at him.

"Paul just called." Liam said, with wide eyes.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Paul said since you're back," Louis started, looking at me. "You have to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend again, otherwise people and the paps will wonder why you're staying on the same bus as us."

"Oh... okay well..." I started, not knowing what to say.

"But don't worry, it's just in public places." Niall nodded.

"Okay." Harry smiled, and I couldn't tell if it was a real smile or not.

That night, everyone was in their own twin bed. There was one bunk bed, and a bunk bed but with three beds. Then they dragged in an extra single bed for me, sitting behind the bunk bed. I got in it, and Louis, Niall, and Liam were in the three bunk beds, with Harry and Zayn in the double. Harry was on the bottom, and I crawled into the small single bed. I was so tired and I was about to fall asleep, when I felt the small bed dip down, and the familiar scent of Harry hugging me.

"I love you." He whispered, and I fell asleep.

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