doing Trevor's vid

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Trevor's POV

As we walk into our hotel, a gasp escapes her pretty lips. "Is this the Crown Suite?" Victoria asks us. I was the first to answer, "yeah, we all put our money together and got this."  She looked so pretty walking around our room. "Shizonola!" I yell, I forgot to do my video! Apparently Victoria caught on and she handed me my camera.

Victoria's POV

I could tell he wanted to curse but just not in front of me. I quickly grabbed his camera and handed it to him. He sets up his things and says into the camera "Hey guys, It's Trevor, and I am not prepared for this. This week is collab week, um... I guess I could do a 6/6?" Right when he says that all the o2l boys walk over, Sam brushing his hand over mine lightly as he passes me. Trevor goes back to his camera, "And we have another guest today, Victoria? Get over here girl!" He says with a smirk on his face, his eyes full of happiness and persuasion. I slowly walk over and sit on the bed in between Sam and Connor. We do a quick YouTube challenge video (the rubber band challenge) and it ends up to be really late. "I gotta go" I say sadly "see you guys tomorrow?" "Do you want me to drive you?" Sam quickly asks, "lezgo." I answer.

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