Zoe woke up by a knock on her bedroom door. She groaned. Her head was throbbing. The door made a shrieking sound, which made her headache even worse.

"Morning, good lookin'." The soft sound of Yasmine's voice sounded like a little lullaby.

"Morning." Zoe grumpily said.

Yasmine placed herself on the edge of the bed.

"Got you breakfast." She simply stated. 

"Aren't you hungover?" Zoe questioned as she pulled her duvet over her face, only her eyes showing. 

"Weird enough, no." Yasmine answered with a giggle. Normally, Yasmine would be the one who's sick at home, puking her guts out. Not this time. 

 "We're gonna go to the park later, do you wanna come?" She suggested. Zoe thought about it and nodded. 

"Fine." she said and threw the blankets off her tiny body. Her heels were lying in the middle of the bedroom. Luckily grandma didn't come in this morning. Zoe got dressed and walked downstairs with Yasmine. Granny was nowhere to be seen. Only a note on the counter. 

"Went grocery shopping. See ya later today. Love, nan." Zoe shrugged and took place on a bar stool at the breakfast island. Yasmine handed her the McDonnald's breakfast she bought and happily ate it. 

"Stan and I kissed last night, I think." Zoe stated. Yasmine almost choked. 

"You what?" she started laughing loudly. 

"Don't laugh, okay. Stan is very sweet. I love him." 

"You don't love him, bae. You only like him. There's a difference." Zoe shrugged it off and continued her breakfast. 

"What are we doing tonight?" Zoe asked as the two of them went outside. 

"I can't do anything. Mum is taking me to some sort of concert, I don't know." Yasmine answered. 

They walked into the park and saw everyone sitting on their usual spot. They approached them and said hi. Zoe sat down next to Stan. He kissed her on the lips. Everyone was shocked. 

"That's out of the blue." Jenn stated with a giggle. 

The day went by and the only thing they did was talk and laugh at silly things. At six, Zoe had to go home. Gran had called her to tell her to be home for dinner. Stan happily dropped her off at her house. 

"Wanna hang out at my house tonight?" he asked. 

"Yeah, sure." Zoe stated and pecked his lips before going inside. She was going to sneak out again. 

*That night* 

It's always the same scenario. Zoe would tell gran she would go to bed and read a book, then she'd set up everything and sneak out of her window. This time she wore sneakers so she didn't need to take them off. When she had climbed off the drainpipe, she fixed her clothes and ponytail and sighed. 

"Where are you going?" she heard a voice behind her, which startled her. She heard the voice before. Confused, she turned around only to see the guy from last night standing there with a smirk on his face. 

"Why do you wanna know?" She snapped. 

"Sorry, I was just curious why someone would sneak out her window while she could easily use the door." 

"This is none of your business, okay? Just forget what you just saw." Zoe started to walk away from the boy, but his voice stopped her. 

"For how long has this going on?" he wanted to know. 

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