Chapter 13

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I woke up to see that I was in kaylum's bed but he wasn't there. It was now 1:24 pm. I looked around my room and his to see if he was here, he wasnt. I went to the bathroom and saw a note, it said,' didn't want to wake you up my love. I went to the hotel where we were staying at because I had one payment I had to do. I'll be back by 1:30 pm the latest. love k 💜' I smiled while I read it.

I went to go put on booty shorts but left his shirt on. It was a hot day. 96 degrees.

I sat down on the sofa out in the balcony. I was using my phone. I was on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and

"2,437 followers on twitter, thats not bad" I heard from behind. I turned to see kaylum glaring at me. I smiled and said, "you can make it 2,438 you know" I said sarcastically. He smile and walked over to sit on the sofa next to me. I got up and said, " I'll be right back I want to change my shirt it's hot here" he rolled his eyes and asked "your shirt?" I smiled and said "your shirt."

Right when I was going to walk into the room he grabbed me by the waist and sat me down on him.

We started to kiss.

"Wait let me change" I said smiling. "Fine" he stated firmly. He got me up and carried me bridal style. I was laughing the whole time. He layed me down and got on top of me as if I was a horse.

"Oh My God!" I said yelling and laughing at the same time.

'BOOM!! BOOM!! " We heard from the door. He got off of me and went to the door.

Steve....... It was all I thought of.

Kaylum opened the door and there he was. I was right it was him. I got up of the bed and went over!

"Can you leave!!" I said yelling at Steve.

Steve barged in into the room."why are you doing this?" he said. kaylum came over and pushed Steve towards the door.

Steve punched kaylum in his arm. "Steve get out now I hate you leave!!!!" I yelled at Steve in the top of my lungs. kaylum without a doubt came and punched Steve in the face making him bleed. Steve didn't fight back instead he said, " I deserved that" "yeah you did you fucking cunt" kaylum yelled then pushed Steve out of the room then locked the door.

" Are you ok?" I asked kaylum. I got some ice from the fridge and put it on his arm. It was bruised real bad.

He didn't say anything and just starred at his arm while I iced it.

"How did he know that we were here?" I said finally breaking the silence. "I saw him at the hotel, I didn't say anything to avoid problems but the whole time that I was there he was starring at me and giving me a evil look" he paused, "I ignored it" he finished saying. " did he follow you" I asked. "maybe or tracked your phone since it is on now" he replied. "shit!" I said out loud. " we can go get you another phone with my account if you want?" he asked me. I faintly smiled and said, " I would love that," I paused and thought of us dating now, " I love you" I finally said.

He got the ice away from my hand and held it against his arm.

I walked out his room and into mine. "I'm going to change" I yelled from the other room. "sure love" he replied.

I put on skinny jeans and a white tank top with a short sleeve grey cardigan. I put on my converse, they were grey white and purple. some jewelry which was just silver hoop earrings.

I went back to his room and and he smiled. "Hmmm I forgot how sexy you look in jeans." I replied saying," you forgot a lot of things Ugh?" I smiled then walked towards his bathroom to steal some of his lotion. He followed me.

While I was putting on some lotion he got behind me and grabbed my waist kissing my neck. I smiled.

He stepped away and winked then turned and walked towards his room.

I followed after I put on the lotion.

"It's my fault your like this" I said grabbing his arm. "no it's not" he paused suspiciously,"it really isn't" I smiled faintly. I felt guilty.

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