Chapter 7

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** Kennedy's POV **

It's finally the day we will find out what gender our baby is. I'm so excited and I'm cling to be happy with whatever. Taylor said he actually wants a girl for some reason. Weird right? Haha. Well who knows. It's Taylor 😜

We walk into the hospital and walk into our the waiting room. Sitting down and waiting till Dr. Rease comes out " Kennedy Caniff?" as he says my name Taylor and I stand up and walk into the room. I lay down on the bed as myths Doctor puts ultrasound gel on my stomach. My hand is holding Taylor's getting prepared for this big moment in our lives. Together.

" Well Kennedy and Taylor. Looks like you are going to have more than one kid running around your house. "

We both look at him with the ' what ' faces.

"You guys are having twins! A boy and a girl"

Taylor and I look at eachother mouthing the words 'Twins'. Twins? Two little Kennedy and Taylor's running around. Greatness. Well I guess our perfect family will be extended a little bit. It's okay (:


** Taylor's POV **

Kennedy and I found out that we were having twins. Boy and a girl. Crazy. But we will get through it and give then the best life's.

After the ultrasound we decided to go get some stuff to start the nurseries. We arrive at the babies r us. And we get two cribs, two high chairs, two changing tables, and a double stroller. We then by paint for their rooms, we got a baby blue and a cotton candy pink . We spent a lot already and we haven't even got everything we need. This is already stressful. But it's worth it for the sake of our children.

When we get home we, or I should say I unloaded everything out if the car into the house upstairs to each of their soon to be nursery. After everything is unloaded Kennedy and I decided to relax and watch some movies. First we watched Twilight. Her decision. And in the middle of the movie, we both decide to talk about baby names. And we decided on Harmony for the girl and Noah for the boy. We were ready. Ready to become parents and be the best parents we can be for them. I think we'll do good. And I know I will never mess up anything between Kennedy and I's relationship ever again. I love her with everything I have. And our family is going to be perfect. We are going to grow old and die together. And I know that there's no one I would rather spend my life with other than her.


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