Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Annie Pov.

I throw three knives into her and she falls to the ground and her canon goes off. I start panicking, I can't think straight I take the stuff and I don't even know that I'm crying until I see the water on my jacket. I look at Mick and look away. I've never seen something so horrible. I close my eyes and blow a kiss his way but don't look at him. This is what I thought would happen, I feel crazy. I'm lost and confused and I don't know what's going on. I find a new cave and I hide in it. I bring in some leaves and camouflage it. I'm just going to hide in here, I have enough stuff and there's only four left. I hear the noise of a parachute and go to open it. There's a note from Finnick. 'Stay calm, you're going to be okay.'

I hold the note and I lay in my new hideout. I look on my arm that's been hurting and it has a cut. When did I get a cut? How come I just felt it now? Now I know that I'm losing my mind.


I wake up to the sound of another canon. I force myself to eat some food even though I don't have an appetite. I feel so lonely, and depressed. I need someone with me. I need Finnick. It's been three days now, I've been in here for a little more than a week. There's only two left and me. I hope they just kill each other, I don't want to kill anymore. After I finish forcing myself to eat, I go back to bed.


Finnick Pov.

I saw what happened to Mick, and even though I'm not happy with him, I felt bad that he had to go that way. I know that Annie will be scarred for life. She hasn't been doing well. She's just been sitting in that cave. There's only two left and they're fighting right now. One of the guy's hand got chopped off but he's still fighting. The other lost eye which is even more disgusting. I hope which ever one wins the fight dies before they can reach Annie.

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