Chapter 8

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"What time is our flight at tomorrow?" I asked Cameron "2pm" "Good" I said and walked into the bathroom to have a shower. It was the last day of Magcon and I'm really going to miss it here because this is my home country lets say and I'm going to miss everyone.

"WOW" "really"I said but more like a question. "You look amazing" Mathew said "Thank You" I said and started blushing. I was wearing my Red hugging strapless short dress that I just loved. It went really well with my Tan and my chocolate brown hair. I also had my black flats on and a bit of make up not much.

"YOu ready" Cameron asked and then wrapped his arm around me. I noticed Mathew and Nash were glaring at Cameron when he did that. "Yup" I said popping the P.

"OWWWW" I said wrapping my arm around my stomach after laughing at what Hayes and Nash said. I was nearly on the ground laughing when U felt Strong arms wrap around my waist. I looked up and noticed it was Nash. We were looking into each others eyes for a while and then I noticed he started leaning in. "C'mon Guys" Carter shouted and snapped me out of my thoughts. Was he just about to kiss me? Was I allowing it? What are you doing River?. All these questions kept running through my mind An I kept confusing Myself. I noticed this when I heard all the lads asking the same question "River are you ok?" and I kept repeating the same response "Yes I'm fine". I ended up fainting and Cameron Had to carry me back to our room.

We were now at the airport waiting for our flight to start boarding. "Flight EI482 To Dublin Ireland is now bordering". We got up after we heard the lady on the intercom say our flight was starting to board. "Can I sit by The window?" I asked Nash Excitedly. "But you Got the window the last time" He said to me. "But Naaaash" I started to Moan. "Fine you can have the window seat" he said. I think he new what was coming if he didn't let me have the window seat.

Tears started rolling down my eyes when we were about to leave. I have just realized how much everyone that was there meant to me. We all spent time together and we all had the often awkward moments But I think we had more laughs then anything and I'm really going to miss them. "C'mon River" Nash said. I was standing waiting for the others to walk through the doors before us.

It was 8pm and I was so tired right now. the three of us were just walking up into my house. "River" I heard my mom shout and see come around the corner from the kitchen. "Mom" I said and hugged her tight. "I missed you" she said into my hair. "I missed you to" "thank you boys for looking after River" "No problem anyway me and Cameron better go say hello to our parents" "Yes you better they'd be worried" I hugged them tightly and whispered in both of their ears "Thank you" they smiled and said their goodbyes and then left.

"So tell me all about it" my mom said sitting down on the couch. "Well...I met a lot of new people that I just love right now......Mathew Espinosa has a crush on me apparently......and the event itself was amazing and it was so amazing to see how much all the lads mean to so many people and its giving me ideas" "That's great to hear and what kind of ideas" "Well I think it gave me confidence to start making Vines or YouTube videos because I know I will not be going every year but if I was one of them I would be able to go and I just love the whole Idea of that" "Well that's great hunny" she said "anyway I'm going to bed" I said getting up of the couch. When I went to bed I thought about everything I had said to my mom and then I said to myself "I need Cameron and Nash to help me" and in minutes I fell into a deep sleep.

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