Chapter 3

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It's been a week of training with my so called team and today we are training day and night. We were in the middle of stretching when a woman walked in rolling a cart. I got up from my mat and walked over to her as did everyone else.

"You must each test these weapons one by one until you find the one you like, when you find your ideal weapon you will walk over towards that table to receive your weapon," the woman spoke in a boring tone but I could care less because all I wanted was to get my hands on those weapons.

With that said the lady walked out.

"Well I'll go first," said Lola.

"Get on with it then," I responded.

Lola nudged me aside and grabbed the sword first and walked over to a dummy. She practiced swinging before going at it with the dummy. She swung left and right but missed each strike. She came back and threw the sword on the table. She grabbed the axe next and proceeded to chop the dummy into tiny pieces, and this time she prevailed. Lola tested all the weapons but chose the axe saying it was her perfect match.

"Well why don't you let me handle this princess," this was Austin of course. He walked up to the cart and retrieved the bow and arrows.


After everyone had gone and tested each weapon it was finally my turn. I proceeded to grab the sword first and I walked over to a dummy. The sword felt pretty heavy but I could still sway it with ease. I swung at the dummy and it's head came clean off I kept swinging and surprisingly each hit was clean and precise. I walked back to the cart and put the sword down and picked up the vest full of knives, I strapped it on and walked over to a target. I retrieved a knife and spun it around. I then threw it and it flew straight into the middle circle. I threw a couple more and each one landed perfectly. I was amazed but walked back to the cart and picked up the bow and arrows. as I picked up the arrows everyone just stared at me in amazement. I smiled and shrugged. I walked back to the target and loaded my bow with an arrow. I pulled back and the arrow flew and landed on the precise target, after shorting for a while I walked back to the cart to pick up the axe. Lola flinched as I picked it up and swung at the dummy. The axe came clean down and cut the dummy in half. I stalked towards another dummy and this time proceeded to throw the axe. I steadied my feet and lifted then swung. The axe spin and found its landing on the dummy's head. I retrieved the axe and trudged proudly back to the cart. Lola looked stunned but regained her usual ' I don't care' face. The last weapon was a spear. it was really long but I grabbed the center and actually spun it once or twice. I put my feet down and stretched my arms then lifted up my arm and threw the spear. Surprisingly it flew straight and landed near the dummy's 'heart'. I actually skipped back to the group and everyone's jaws we're hitting the ground, even Lola's.

"Well, that was....entertaining" Ronan said while giving Lola a smirk.

"Umm yeah. Hey let's go order our weapons," I replied excitedly.

We all got up and walked towards the table. The same lady that pulled the cart stood at the table.

Lola made her way to the table and said her name and her weapon of choice.

"Lola Williams, axe," she sounded impatient.

"Umm Austin fleck, sword," he scratched the back of his neck as if he were nervous.

"Ronan Simpson, spear," Ronan as usual was quite emotionless.

"Alexandria Rodgers, arrows," she said this in a quite happy tone.

I stepped up next but she raised her hand to stop my words and pointed at a door to her right. I walked into the room and was greeted by the same middle aged man that walked into the hologram room the other time.

"Well well Isabelle, you've got talent,"

The man spoke but never once looked at me.

"Thank you sir," I responded without even thinking.

"So you're good at each weapon do you know what you are referred as?" He finally faced me.

"No sir, I don't," he had my attention now.

"Well you're called a vino," his eyes held a bit of rage that scared me.

"Excuse me sir?" he plainly ignored my question and proceeded to explain.

" A vino is a person who is expert at each weapon, you are a born leader and well you're exactly what your father said you would be, a vino"

"My father, sir?" The only thing I heard was father, nothing else mattered.


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