Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

When we got there, Charles was wearing his white apron Kate made him for father’s day when she was 5 years old. I had never realized that is eyes looked exactly like Kate’s, it was like a replica and he had very short blond hair. The hamburgers were delicious; I guess the apron saying best cook in the world said the truth.

After a delightful dinner, it was time for our plan to take place. Carrie had responded to Joe’s text she said: “OMG, I can’t believe this is happening, I am so happy don’t worry I will not be a waste of your time you will definitely get over that loser Kate in no time, I love you so much, always have, always will. See you later babe, love ya”

Pour girl she is going to feel so embarrassed when she learns it’s a joke. I can’t believe she actually bought the whole story. This is just incredible. I mean everybody laughed when we read her pathetic text. Any way, it was time for us to leave, we took my car, I took the wheal, Mary sat next to me, Kate and Caroline sat in the back. Caroline said: “-What a great way to start awesome vacation, I mean I couldn’t possibly think of better way this is awesome. 

-I totally agree, declared Caroline, this is going to be great, I can’t wait to see the look on Carrie’s face when she realized she got stood up”

We arrived at Dairy Queen, like planned Carrie’s grey porch was parked in the parking lot. We all got out of the car and hit behind the bushes. We had a perfect view on Carrie’s table. She was sitting there alone playing with her bracelets. Her long blond were all over her face we could barely see her grey eyes. She kept looking at her phone probably to check the time. We got great shots. Pour thing, she looked so sad, what am I saying, she does deserve it. The funny thing was that she kept waiting with some kind of hope written all over her face. She finally left after an hour she was crying and everything, it was hilarious she drove away so fast we hardly saw her leave. Our master plan had worked. We got back in the car and drove home we were all very happy I am pretty sure we woke the hole town with our music and yelling all over the place: “ WE GOT HER” or “REVENGE, SWEET REVENGE”.

When we finally got home, the boys were playing tennis as we came in the driveway, the boys ran behind the car. When we parked, the boys where asking a million questions like: “Did it work?” “Was she sad?” “ Was she mad?” “Did she see you?” “Did she cry?” We answered to each one of there question during our midnight dip it was so cool. We finally decided to go to sleep around 1 am.

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