Chapter 14

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It's been two weeks since me and Naruto had that conversation, and the third Hokage has been putting me under a whole lot of missions. Which i hate because i can't see my team, i miss those whiny brats.

i've notice alot of changes in them Sakura cut her hair, Sasuke is learning to be a little bit nicer and Naruto is just a little less annoying.

Right now I'm watching the chunin exams take place, and i noticed that the girls of the leaf are kinda weak. I mean no offense but what was the third thinking.

"Naruto i'll be right back okay, watch Sakura" i say looking at her fainted body, against the wall next to Ino's. He nods.

I go to where Kakashi went to fix Sasuke's curse mark, that i believe was Orochimaru doing. "Hey everything okay in here?" i ask seeing Sasuke body on the floor.

"Yeah, he j-

"My my my, is it the honorable daughter and the copy cat ninja" i hear a voice behind us say, i turn around to see a very attractive man.

"Well hello there handsome" i say smiling, i crack my knuckles. "How dumb do you think i am" i say punching him so hard in his face, it shows half of his real face. Orochimaru.

"I see tsunade's training must have came in handy for you" he says showing half of his real face. "Orochimaru i suggest you leave or i'll kill you myself" Kakashi buds in.

I see Orochimaru staring at sasuke behind us. "Look it was fun playing with you two, but i'm here for the boy" he says. Of course that curse mark, Kakashi and I both step in front of Sasuke's body.

"Fine then, but we will meet a again" he says turning around. "Next time i see you i promise ill break the other side of your face" i spat

"Will see..... princess" he says pausing for a second and smiling. I was about charge at him but Kakashi grabbed my arm. Bastard.


"Come on gramps please, it could really help them" i beg. Right now I'm at the hokage's office asking him for a request i've been thinking of myself.

My request was that i can train Hinata Hyuga, Ino Yamanka, Sakura Haruno and Tenten every other day to help them become better kunoichi in training but gramps is not responding.

"Please i mean you saw, how each of our girls lost at the chunin exams" i point out. He puts his pipe down and looks at me, "You have a deal only if you ask their parents first" he says.

i agree in an instant leaving but wait one of them doesn't have a mom and the other has no parents at all. Oh well i'll just ask the father and just ask the other girl herself if she wants to come.

Sakura's house

"Hi are you Sakura's mom" i say meeting a blonde woman. "Yes, how may i help you?" she asked with a dish in her hand.

"I was wonder if it was okay, that i can train Sakura every other day" i say smiling, she looks at me smiling then her eyes go wide.

"Hey your the honorable daughter, right?" she asked i put on a fake smile. "Yeah, so is that a yes for Sakura" i ask changing the subject

"Of course" she says showing all her teeth. "Okay, tell her to meet me at the training grounds" i say. I walk down the streets and i find the Yamanaka flower shop and i notice Ino at the cash register.

"Hey Kiyomi-senesi" she says spraying her flowers. "Hi Ino, can i talk to your mom" i ask, she nods and gets her mom.

"Hi Mrs.Yamanaka i was wondering if i can train Ino every other day" i say, she nods and i tell her where ino should meet me. Two down, two more to go.

I find Tenten and she agrees to train.  Now last one is Hinata i enter the Hyuga compound and i see Hinata on the floor losing to i believe is her little sister, poor girl.

"Um are you Hinata's dad" i ask, he nods and tell the two that the fight is over and brings his attention to me.

"I was wondering if i can train Hinata ever other day" i ask.

"Who that weak link, I'm sure you could find someone else you should it even spend your time on her, she's nothing but a waste of space" he says, i see tears fall down hinata's face.

"You know maybe your right, but if you leave her to train with me she'll be stronger than neji" i say seriously.

"Your joking that pathetic girl sh-

"Listen i had enough of you already its only been a minute! how do you expect Hinata to be such a great strong person if you always beat her down mentally and physically huh!" i shout at him

There's nothing more that i hate than a father like him.

"Fine you have a deal but, if Hinata is weaker now she'll be nothing to me like she is now but, if she improves i promise ill give her space and she can take back her place as clan leader for the main household" he says

"Sir, you have yourself a deal come on Hinata get dress and meet me at the training grounds" i say leaving, i leave the compound happy that i made a deal with her father.

I head to the training grounds and they all start coming one by one. "Alright girls lets start" i say

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