Survivors Chapter Five

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Suddenly, the door blasted open. I flinched and a loud voice bursted through the cracks in the wall.

"Soph, I know you're in here!"

It was Caroline. 

"Just a minute," I mumbled as I tripped into the bathroom. I splashed cold water over my face and cleaned out the sleepers in my eyes. How long was I laying there? My hair was a mess, so I flattened it with a splash of water and trudged out of the bathroom.

Caroline was leaning against the doorframe. "Ah, there you are. I was looking for you." She smiled and slowly approached the couch. Caroline plopped down on the plush pillows. I sat right down next to her.

"Good weather today, huh? I was scared it was gonna rain but I guess not."

I shrugged.

"You're awfully quiet. You know we already ate, and your dad seemed pretty unsociable too. Something go wrong on the run?" 

Oh Caroline's attitude. I admired her cheery voice. She was so optimistic. Even during times like these.

"No." I turned my head away from her and gazed out the window. There was no one outside. It was dead silent.

"Dude, you've always got something to say. Tell me, what'd ya get? I heard Albert's was supposed to be pretty stocked." Caroline stood up and headed over to my basket. She began to sort through the goodies inside. "Wow, I've been dying for expired green beans!" She chuckled. I continued to look out the window. Her sarcasm. I would die have an attitude like her. 


"Sophie Grace Collins answer me!" Caroline came up to my face and started snapping her fingers. Her bright green eyes and long, curly brown hair waved in front of me. If she wanted an answer, fine.

"What?" I blurted in a loud voice. My shout probably had startled the people in dorm four. Caroline jumped away, shaken. 

"Sorry, I just want to see my best friend talk to me," she put her hand on my shoulder,"my real best friend." I took a deep breath and nodded. 

"I saw a girl die today."

Caroline scrunched her nose.

"Ew. Where was this? Did you get her before she became a walker?"

"She was from dorm four. Just washing her clothes when she collapsed. I wanted to help, but my Father said no. We got out of the gates before I saw what happened next." 

Caroline's eyes widened. 

"Uh, have you seen her since? Maybe she didn't die. Don't be so negative. But even if she did die, it's better we don't check out the scene. Those people from dorm four, they're weak. There are only like five people living in there. Just watch. They will die out soon and we will have more room to grow our dorm. "

She didn't understand.

"But my question is, why don't we just help them? I don't want to see those people die. And who is gonna kill them when they are walkers?'

Caroline shrugged.

"We will. Someone will go out there and take care of it. At least we won't know them."

I grew furious. 

But I wasn't mad at just Caroline. I was mad at everyone. They say it's best to say away. To let them struggle. 

But is death really infectious?

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