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After our encounter with my brother and sister who had been tracking me down after all those years, we managed to make it out of the city in one piece.

"Hey, N how's your leg?" Mika asked " it's fine, it'll be fully healed in a couple of minutes, so no need to waste your medical supplies" I replied "ya, don't thank me for saving your life, N" Fenix said sarcastically "ya, thanks" I said "we're almost at Yuba city, once we get there we'll get some supplies and head to Washington" Mika shouted "are you seriously considering trying to take down the shadow republic STILL?" I asked.

The truck had came to a complete stop because someone, or someTHING was standing in front of the truck. "Hey buddy! Can you please move out of the way we're in a bit of a rush" Fenix shouted.

This thing had it's back facing towards us and was covered in a black cloak.

Fenix honked a few times and the person still wouldn't move

"I'll go check it out " I said

I hopped out of the back and walked towards the man but as I got closer I felt nauseous and my nose was starting to bleed.

I saw him turn around and when I looked up at his face I noticed it was completely covered in dirty white cloths.

"I finally found you" I heard a voice say in my head "I finally found the halfbreed the Shadow Republic was looking for".

It grabbed my head and it teleported me on top of a nearby building and it felt like my insides were on fire.

"Wha..what are you?" I asked "my name is shade, I am an agent of the Shadow Republic" it said "why is your voice inside of my head?" I asked "my power allows me to speak to you telepathically for I'am not able to speak verbally" Shade said "are you going to hand me over?" I asked "no, I'm not, for I'am not your true enemy, the real enemy is Lord Vlad" Shade said "so are you like the guy on the inside?" I asked " I guess you could say that. I only brought you to this location because I need this conversation to be private" Shade explained " ya, sure thing, my lips are sealed" I said as I tried to catch my balance.

Shade grabbed me by the shoulder and teleported me back to the truck. "Remember N Marshal, I am not your enemy, the Shadow Republic is" he said " got it, I'll tell the others" I said as I gave him a short salute.

He teleported away and I walked back to the truck.

"Who the hell was that?" Mika asked "his name is Shade, he's a Shadow Republic agent but he said he's on our side" I said "well that's good, a guy who can teleport could be very useful" Fenix said "ya, right, lets just get a move on" I shouted.

We started driving again and like I did again. I layer down on the cold seat of the truck, and I could also feel my wound heal from the silver knife wound and it was starting to get a bit painful I spring out of my seat and just took the stinging feeling as my leg was healing.

"N, are you ok?" Mika asked "yes, I'm fine, this happens all the time, this is what happens when you get stabbed by silver" I moaned "alright, we have some stuff in our first aid kit if you need something"Mika said. All of a sudden the truck came to a complete stop.

Fenix and Mika jumped out of the truck and stopped right in front of a pile of dead bodies. "Holy shit! These guys are insurgents!" Fenix yelled. All of a sudden I could feel the presence of another vampire, no more like two. I jumped out of the truck and saw Mika and Fenix still examining the insurgent corpses.

"Guys we need to get out of here, I can sense something else" I yelled "dude, relax we got a golem we'll be fine" Fenix said "no! I mean there's two other vampires close to us and it's not Asha and Nala" I explained.

I started to look around to see if I could find anything on my vampire vision, and I saw two figures jump from one building to another.

All of a sudden we saw a big black tiger pounce onto Fenix trying to claw at him and bite him. Then something grabbed Mika and teleported away with her "Mika!" Fenix yelled, then the thing that teleported away with Mika came became back and started attacking me.

I grabbed me shotgun and shotgun at the man twice but I missed both times. He then punched me in the stomach and kicked me in the head, but I wasn't going to give up that easily, I grabbed onto his leg and swiftly punched the side of it, braking it.

Fenix quickly went into his ghost form and quickly sunk into the ground. The giant black tiger looked up at me and roared showing his jaw being split in half and is tongue rattling as it starred right into my eyes. I could tell that the shadow republic infuse the tiger with vampire DNA turning it into a monster.

The giant monster had sprinted towards me and pounced right on top of me. I quickly tried to grab my silver knife to try and kill it but it had me pinned. I kept on struggling as it's silver claws were digging into my arms and causing them to bleed. But I heard a gunshot and the tigers head had split open and then it collapsed to the ground dead. I looked to my right and saw Fenix with my shotgun loaded with silver bullets standing there like a badass.

I got up and Fenix went up to the guy who took Mika.

"Who the hell are you working for!?" Fenix shouted "I work for the shadow republic, and I'm sworn by my duties to tell you nothing" the man said.

Fenix angrily picked up the man and put him into some sort of trance. He was shaking and screaming as Fenix's eyes were glowing bright blue.

" name is B...Beast master! I work for the Shadow republic as a Hitman! I was supposed to stop you from getting to Yuba city! I had to take the woman back with us for questioning! Oh GOD PLEASE STOP! I'M SO SCARED! AAAAHHH!!" Beast master screamed " we have to go, Yuba City is only two hours away" Fenix shouted.

I grabbed Beast master by the neck and bit into him to get as much blood out of him as I could to speed up my healing with less pain.

"So what's so great in Yuba City?" I asked "there's an airfield there, and that airfield is controlled by The Insurgents and they have a plane that can get us to Washington faster, and we can use that to sneak into the White House and stop them for good" Fenix explained "alright that's a really good plan" I replied.

We drove to Yuba city and after a long drive we finally made it there. The while city was one big Insurgent base and it looked like it was prepared for any sort of attack.

We drove by the gates and saw a military officer with a gun pointed at our truck ask "who are you and where are you from?" Fenix showed the officer his patch and said "my friend is here with me and I have a Golem in the back of the truck", the officer knotted and gave us the signal to proceed through the gates.

We drove to one of the parking bays and parked our car near one of the tents that we were assigned to stay at.

We unloaded all of our stuff into our, by us I mean Jor. So he dropped all of our stuff off into the tent and headed to the general's shelter.

We opened the door to the general's shelter and saw him with his feet on his desk with a cigar in his mouth while listening to country through his iPod.

"Good afternoon general" Fenix said in a serious manner "good afternoon, Fenix. Who's your friend?" The general asked "sir, my name is N Marshall and I'll do whatever it takes to put a stop to the Shadow Republic"

The general got up out of his seat and shook my hand and said "good to have you on our side Mr. Marshal, you are going to love it here".

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