The Worst

Roc's Pov

I'm wilts this girl named yn. She beautiful and I'm ruining my relationship with her because I'm Cheating with a girl named India Westbrook. I mean I love yn and I love India but I can't choose one and it's hard for me to choose. I'm 25 and messing up my life already.

Yn: Who you texting?

Me: Ray(lying)

Yn: about what?

Me: nun of your business.

Yn: don't get it twisted cuz last time I checked you wasn't my dad.

Me:Listen don't start yn cuz I don't have time for this bull.

Yn: whatever (walks upstairs)

YN's Pov

Roc been acting a little weird lately and I think he's cheating on me with my best friend India cuz she been acting weird too. But I'm yn and I'm 24.

Yn:(on the phone) India you need to come over I'm bored and roc left again like he always do.

India: I have things to do and plus that's your problem yn I don't have time for this anyway.

Yn ok whatever bye.(gets off the phone)

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